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My intro to Boards' "How To" section


This is an intro I wrote a while ago for UK's Boards magazine's "How to" section. I talk about what it takes to learn new stuff.

Enjoy the read.


Dahab - Soma Bay - Switzerland


I just got back to Switzerland after over a month in Egypt. It's been great. I spent 3 weeks in Dahab windsurfing on 4.0 every day and getting lots of training in, then went over to Soma Bay for the North and Fanatic photo shoot. The whole trip has been great. It's difficult to explain it all as so much happens all the time, but basically the windsurfing's been epic, I met some amazing people and caught up with lots of good friends.
The only down side in all this is how hard it is to always have to leave these friends. You get to spend such good moments and before you know it's time to move to the next place. Not easy, but definitely worth it!

I have now been in Switzerland for less than 24 hours and already scored a good sail on 4.5. We went up to a spot nearby and everyone was there! It's always so nice to sail at home. Hopefully it's the start of a windy season and there will be loads more good days. It was a bit cold with northerly wind, but luckily I had my ION 5.5mm to keep me warm. I just wasn't quite sure if my hands were still there though, couldn't feel them the whole time.

Ah and I got the cover of Windsurfing Journal year book.

Dan cruising on the heli pad
Fun even without wind
Swiss powa
Vic and I after a good sail
Front cover of Windsurfing Journal's year book


Perfect waves, ION and coverage.


Here's my amazing excuse for:

1. the lack of update recently and

2. the lack of action footage

I got back to Perth 3 weeks ago. It's just so good to be back and to know another amazing Australian summer's awaiting. We hit the road pretty much straight after I arrived and drove north. The forecast was promising with big swell, a bit of seabreeze and some good morning surf. And that's exactly what happened - we surfed and windsurfed all day, every day, in perfect conditions. So for the lack of footage: we just couldn't just sit and watch, too busy making the most out of it all. To be honest, we thought about it on the way up, planning to make a little video clip out of our road trip, but once there we completely forgot about it... And for the lack of update: well too busy again and no internet.

More good news is that I've got a new sponsor, ION!!! They will be supporting me with their awesome wetsuits, harnesses, clothes and all the other accessories that I'd possibly need. I just got a big box from them full of presents and went straight out for en early freestyle this morning to try my new Trinity overknee wetsuit and Relay harness. They're super comfy, warm and stretchy. Awesome.

Below is a nice article published 2 weeks ago in a Swiss newspaper, "Journal de Morges".

We've had a few sails around here too. Lano's been good a couple of times, had a bit of freestyle in Perth, been cruising around on my new sick skateboard and just enjoying life in WA.

Big swell hitting the coast
Letting down some tyre air before hitting the dirt road...
Some of my new ION stuff
Sunset in Gero
The view when waking up
My new Chromantic skateboard. Pressie from my amazing boyfriend.
Si's checking out the surf


Front Cover Windsurfer International Magazine


Got the front cover of Windsurfer International Magazine!

Check out the latest issue, it's packed with stories and amazing photos:

And for those who feel like a bit of a holiday in a some paradise place, check out There's 30% off on October's rentals. Amazing villas in an amazing place... Check out the website, you'll get the picture!


Amsterdam, Brouwersdam and the Surf front cover


After a quick 3 day stay in Switzerland I was hitting the road again. This time I flew to Amsterdam, where I was running a coaching weekend with the Amsterdam Windsurf Club.

Saturday was light but we still managed to do quite a lot - light wind freestyle, theory sessions, etc. Sunday way epic - 4.2 outta control. We drove to Amstelmeer with the club's instructors. That spot is so much fun, big chop outside and a protected pool with the flattest water I have ever seen. Sick place. We had an awesome time, windsurfed all day and all of us slept well that night I think.

I had a great weekend in Amsterdam thanks to everyone there. Thanks to all for looking after me so well, showing me around and making sure I wouldn't get totally lost on my bike somewhere on the wrong side of the city! Awesome.

I am now in Brouwersdam for the next coaching events - a coaching week open to all and a girls camp. The first one just started. I have a super nice group of 11 people, from Holland, Norway, Switzerland and France, from 10 to 40 years old. The forecast for this week is really good too, looking forward to it. Then it'll be the Girls Camp, and then it's the Mission weekend again! This time in XL format... You really don't wanna miss out on that weekend, trust me, so make sure you sign up for it here and we see you there!

Surf Mag (Germany) chose a shot from the Fanatic / North 2012 photoshoot in Dahab for their August cover, pretty cool! The photo was taken by Tom Brendt.


Double page in Windsport


This body drag shot was taken by Sébastien Staub in Kefalos last summer. It just got published by Windsport Magazine (US) as a double page spread.

Despite our bad luck with the conditions during our trip we managed to get some really cool shots. We worked mostly with water and under water, wide angle photos, which was heaps of fun. The water, the fish eye, the current, the gusty winds and all kind of elements make it a real challenge to get the right shot. But our efforts and Séb's suicidal tendencies to ask me to come closer every time - he loves hearing my fin whistle in his ear - definitely paid off.

Séb is a young and very talented photgrapher. I recommend you have a look at his work on his website,


October's coverage


Windsurfer, October 2010, Front cover and 4 pages!

Motion Mag, Davy's 13, October 2010


Boards Magazine Interview


6 page interview in UK Boards Magazine, June 2010!


Coverage update


Funboard magazine, Italy, March 2010

Windsport, March 2010

Le Matin, Swiss newspaper, March 2010


Media Coverage 09 - Update


Here are the main articles/interviews/pictures that have been published throughout 2009. Got a few front covers, full and double pages this year. There are more small pictures but it would take too much space to upload them.

Thanks to Nayra and John at Mixd Services for doing a great job of going through all the mags and sending to each rider their coverage!

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