Back from our clinic in Sardegna!


We've had 10 GREAT days in Sardegna!!! Just as beautiful as ever, the island offered us all kind of conditions, from sunny and light wind days to strong north east days, which was the perfect combination to make everyone of every level happy. Not to mention the unique atmosphere of the place with its beautiful landscape, friendly local people, fine food, red wine and myrto!

Popov and I had 24 students of all age and levels, from beginners to experienced windsurfers and had a lot of fun teaching to all of them. It was especially great to see the new generation ripping it up out there!

Thanks to everyone for a great week, we're looking forward to the next one!

See, you gotta pull on your back arm...
Popov and Laure checking their students


New shots in my photo gallery, check it out!


Action shots in Dahab, in Préverenges (my homespot), and some lifestyle shots.

I've heard we're about to get some good strong north wind here at home... Let's get our gloves and shoes out and see you on the water!


Home Sweet Home!


We've just had the perfect day on my homespot! Préverenges, Lake Geneva, on my 4.7 the whole day, most of it just my mate Popov and I on the water. I almost lost my toes and fingers from the cold but I will remember that session for a long time!

The following days the wind dropped a bit but I had a great time doing a Kids Freestyle Weekend. All the kids were sailing really well, doing geckos and all kind of moves and their variations.

And during all this time, also freezing his fingers, Sébastien Staub was there taking pics! Thanks Séb.

Check out his website for more pics on

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