PWA Freestyle World Cup, Fuerteventura



2 days of competition, 2 eliminations and 2 third places!

Today's boiling hot and no wind, but before that we had some great freestyle conditions. The wind was pretty offshore and the water very flat.

We started with a single elimination on the first day. I was on my 3.4 and sailing some good heats. I won all of them until the one against Daida. It was close: I did some flakas, switch moves, all the spocks, grubbies and so on but the judges gave it to her which left me 3rd.

The double was also quite exciting and I had fun again. I fought for the second place against Sarah and after a very good heat we were equal. The judges had to decide on a tie and Sarah won it. Which means... 3rd again!!! Sarah then faced Daida but didn't manage to beat her. Daida is currently 1st and Sarah 2nd.

We still have 2 more days to go so hopefully the wind will pick up by then and we'll do some more eliminations.

You can check out some of the event photos in my picture gallery, or lots of them on

Séb is here too, enjoying the windsurfing, taking photos and making videos of the competition. He's putting them all on online to share it with the whole world. Check it out on

The beach
Top 4




The Canarian trip continues, and after a couple of tough events we're now in Fuerteventura enjoying the warm and blue water, sandy beach and awesome conditions.

The next PWA freestyle event starts on the 25th until the 30th.All the best riders are here warming up and looking forward to the contest which will for sure be one of the greatest freestyle show ever!

At the same time on another island, very different but just as nice, my mate Gus is freestyling on his home spot and enjoying the Swedish lifestyle...

I also updated the photo gallery with new pics from Pozo and Dahab, check it out!

Gus at his homespot

At the same time, on the island of Lefkas, Greece, the "Sweetwater Ocean Festival" took place with a freestyle contest. Simon Hurrey ( was the star! He won the double elimination yesterday as well as the expression session today! Congratulation Si. Congratulations to Colin for his 2nd place and Olly for the 4th place!

The Club Vass boys definitely rule...

Forward by Si


3rd place overall in Pozo!


All the women freestylers met the morning at the beach for the skippersmeeting. It was planned to do a last round today with a single and a double. But the wind was even stronger than yesterday and we decided it was too much for freestyle.

So, after a long week of competing in tough conditions and different results in every elimination (a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place) I'm once again ranked 3rd in freestyle! Looks like this 3rd place likes me...

We might do a supersession tomorrow, which is gonna be a lot of fun. Then we're all off to the next event which will take place form the 24th till the 31st of July in Fuerteventura. I heard the wind's been really good there too lately. Sotavento is an awesome spot for freestyle and I'm really looking forward to going there!

Concentration before the final




We've done two singles and two doubles so far. The wind has been from pretty light to very strong and the rankings have been changing quite a bit.

I started pretty well with a 3rd place in the first single but lost against Iballa Moreno in the double and droped to 4th (big disappointment).

My best day was yesterday when I won my first ever PWA elimination!!! I beat Daida Moreno in the final and took the 1st place. We did the double elimination today in really strong winds (first time ever I'm freestyling on my 3.0 ...) and unfortunately I didn't manage to stay up there, I lost against Daida in the final and droped to 2nd. All this means I'm currently ranked 3rd, Sarah is 2nd and Daida 1st.

We still have 2 days to compete so we will do another single and a double. Everything can still change.

Let's just hope the wind doesn't pick up more!

1st and 2nd...
Grubby on 3.0


Pozo, Gran Canaria


3.4 is the biggest sail I've been using since I arrived here in Pozo, which HAS to be the windiest place on Earth!

The PWA event in Pozo has started, with a wave competition for both men and women, a slalom for men and freestyle for women.

Between 35 and 45 knots of wind and a good swell with logo high waves sets were perfect to start with the wave competition. It was just as much fun being out there as watching some of the riders going ridiculously high! Huge clean doubles, table forwards, pushloop into forward, amazing...

It's compulsory to check out the photos and videos on for anyone how wants to have an idea of how flying men (and women) look like.

The women's winner is Daida Moreno, followed by Iballa Moreno and karin Jaggi and the men's is Victor Fernandez, 2nd is Kauli Seadi and Julien Taboulet finished 3rd.

I'm 9th and had so much fun I've decided to concentrate more on the waves from now!

We start with freestyle tomorrow, I'd better go out there and warm up...


3rd place at the PWA Freestyle event in Lanzarote!


The first PWA freestyle contest of the season is over and after a great week of wind and waves I'm ranked 3rd.

Sarah Quita won the event in front of Daida and Gollito won the men's.

We're now all heading to Pozo in Gran Canaria where we'll be competing in waves and freestyle for 10 days.

Thanks to the PWA and to all the organizers for a great event here in Lanzarote!



PWA Freestyle Lanzarote finished


Here we go, we finished the second double elimination today with strong and gusty winds.

I was 3rd again. Daida Moreno finished 2nd and Sarah Quita won today!

Andy Chambers, aka Bubble ( from Club Vass had some great heats and beat a few people today, finishing 9th!

The freestylers are released for today and it's time for some slalom action...


PWA Freestyle, Lanzarote


After 2 days of competition, one double elimination yesterday, a single today, and lots of heats to go through I finished 3rd both days!

The wind's pretty strong, with big waves breaking in the middle of the competition area. The guys' level is incredible, with triple esliders, massive shaka flakas and a lot more. The girls are sailing very well too, doing switch stance moves, flakas, spocks... Well, the show is amazing!

For more details and live action check out

Spock in sunny Lanzarote

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