Pozo, Gran Canaria


3.4 is the biggest sail I've been using since I arrived here in Pozo, which HAS to be the windiest place on Earth!

The PWA event in Pozo has started, with a wave competition for both men and women, a slalom for men and freestyle for women.

Between 35 and 45 knots of wind and a good swell with logo high waves sets were perfect to start with the wave competition. It was just as much fun being out there as watching some of the riders going ridiculously high! Huge clean doubles, table forwards, pushloop into forward, amazing...

It's compulsory to check out the photos and videos on www.pwaworldtour.com for anyone how wants to have an idea of how flying men (and women) look like.

The women's winner is Daida Moreno, followed by Iballa Moreno and karin Jaggi and the men's is Victor Fernandez, 2nd is Kauli Seadi and Julien Taboulet finished 3rd.

I'm 9th and had so much fun I've decided to concentrate more on the waves from now!

We start with freestyle tomorrow, I'd better go out there and warm up...

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