We've done two singles and two doubles so far. The wind has been from pretty light to very strong and the rankings have been changing quite a bit.

I started pretty well with a 3rd place in the first single but lost against Iballa Moreno in the double and droped to 4th (big disappointment).

My best day was yesterday when I won my first ever PWA elimination!!! I beat Daida Moreno in the final and took the 1st place. We did the double elimination today in really strong winds (first time ever I'm freestyling on my 3.0 ...) and unfortunately I didn't manage to stay up there, I lost against Daida in the final and droped to 2nd. All this means I'm currently ranked 3rd, Sarah is 2nd and Daida 1st.

We still have 2 days to compete so we will do another single and a double. Everything can still change.

Let's just hope the wind doesn't pick up more!

1st and 2nd...
Grubby on 3.0

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