3rd place overall in Pozo!


All the women freestylers met the morning at the beach for the skippersmeeting. It was planned to do a last round today with a single and a double. But the wind was even stronger than yesterday and we decided it was too much for freestyle.

So, after a long week of competing in tough conditions and different results in every elimination (a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place) I'm once again ranked 3rd in freestyle! Looks like this 3rd place likes me...

We might do a supersession tomorrow, which is gonna be a lot of fun. Then we're all off to the next event which will take place form the 24th till the 31st of July in Fuerteventura. I heard the wind's been really good there too lately. Sotavento is an awesome spot for freestyle and I'm really looking forward to going there!

Concentration before the final

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