PWA Freestyle World Cup, Fuerteventura



2 days of competition, 2 eliminations and 2 third places!

Today's boiling hot and no wind, but before that we had some great freestyle conditions. The wind was pretty offshore and the water very flat.

We started with a single elimination on the first day. I was on my 3.4 and sailing some good heats. I won all of them until the one against Daida. It was close: I did some flakas, switch moves, all the spocks, grubbies and so on but the judges gave it to her which left me 3rd.

The double was also quite exciting and I had fun again. I fought for the second place against Sarah and after a very good heat we were equal. The judges had to decide on a tie and Sarah won it. Which means... 3rd again!!! Sarah then faced Daida but didn't manage to beat her. Daida is currently 1st and Sarah 2nd.

We still have 2 more days to go so hopefully the wind will pick up by then and we'll do some more eliminations.

You can check out some of the event photos in my picture gallery, or lots of them on

Séb is here too, enjoying the windsurfing, taking photos and making videos of the competition. He's putting them all on online to share it with the whole world. Check it out on

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