Trip Down South and Local Freestyle


We've been on a little trip down South lately, in the area of Margaret River. Not much windsurfing this time for me but some good surfing and just amazing places!

On our way back we stopped at Safety Bay, a freestyle spot south of Perth and had a little sail there. Back in Perth now and the wind is howling everyday. I've done a fair bit of freestyle the last few days and learnt some new moves. Just hoping for a swell to show up now, so we can head up somewhere for some wave sailing!



Pt Moore, Geraldton, Western Australia


Pt Moore in Geraldton can get really good for freestyle and waves and is just an amazing beach. This clip is from an early morning session we had there the other day, the wind was light and we didn't perform anything too crazy... but definitely enjoyed a good moment all by ourselves on the water!

The wind's been good around here lately, been freestyling a lot in Perth, drove up to Geraldton for some wave sailing, back down to Lancelin for a really good logo high wave session. My windsurfing is improving quite a lot, I'm enjoying the variety that we get here in Western Australia, from flat water spots for double spocks, logo high waves and light wind for sick riding days, to small waves and strong wind for jumping. I haven't got any wave sailing footage yes as the reefs we're sailing at are too far out to get any. But hopefully I'll be heading up to Gnaraloo soon and get some there!



River Freestyle


Even though the sea breeze hasn't really been around lately, we've had a few good storms and some sick freestyle.

Si and I went for an early session this morning on the Swan River here in Perth and had a really good time. No one out, flat water and strong wind. And... I FINALLY LANDED MY FIRST DOUBLE SPOCK!!!

So much fun. It's still howling out there so I'm off for the late session. Enjoy!


Back in Western Oz!


Green and flowery Australia
Trigg beach
Trigg Beach after

The competition season is over and I'm back in Western Australia for some winter training.

It's the first time I'm here this early in the season and so far October is my favourite time of the year! The seabreeze has just started kicking in and the swell is still here, the spots are uncrowded, perfect air temperature... Can't get much better than this!

I arrived in Perth a week ago and had a few good windsurfing sessions around, on the river and in Cottlesloe, as well as some good surfing in Trigg. I managed to cut my ear surfing already, so that's done.

As the wind forecast was really good we decided to drive up to Geraldton for a couple of days which turned out to be 2 of my best days ever on the water!

We sailed at Coronation on Friday, with some freestyle to start with and a late wave session as the swell picked up a bit in the evening. The waves weren't very big but it was so much fun being out there with just a few people and an amazing sunset!

On Saturday we started the day with some sick freestyle at Point Moore, a beautiful beach, the water there is amazingly blue and really flat in the inside so we could come in flying into moves. Simon was throwing full speed double esliders and eslider into switch chachoos, as I was getting closer and closer to double spocks. Landed some nice big switch flakas, shove it spocks, etc... I will try and get the photos that were taken over there to post them here. We ended the days with a bit of Coronation wave sailing again before heading back down to Perth.

These pictures are from Coronation Beach on Friday, thanks Si!


Addicted to Ride IV and Jakub's Podcast


The new Fanatic Movie "Addicted to Ride IV" is out!!!  Amazing action of all the Fanatic Team Riders in Maui, Chile, South Africa, and more, awesome music and editing!

Something else to check out when you're not on the water: Jakub Kosmowski's podcasts.

We made a little interview in Sylt, you can see it on


3rd in Freestyle and 7th in Waves overall 2008!


Sarah World Champ, Daida 2nd, Laure 3rd!

The PWA Tour 2008 is over and I'm ranked 3rd overall in Freestyle and 7th in Waves!

The PWA Colgate World Cup was the last event, and the biggest one. Thousands of people coming to watch everyday and a perfect German organisation! The wind blew enough to run the slalom men, freestyle men and wave men and women. For all the results check out

Check out the pics, they'll tell you more about the event.

All pics by Carter/PWA

Another storm coming...
Riders' tent
Kauli World Champ
North Sails autograph session
Keeping warm
Night session
Victor wins the event!
Kit burried after the storm


Dahab here we are again!


Once again back in freestyle paradise!

After a whole week of strong wind doing photos with talented photographer Sébastien Staub, we've got sick shots and lots of hours on the water. I'm now running another Learn2Windsurf clinic with 24 happy and motivated clients.

More pics and videos soon...


Windsurf Camps in Monteynard


I'm back home after 10 days in France at the "Lac de Monteynard" where I ran one of my windsurf camps "Learn2Windsurf". Everyone has improved a lot, the wind was a bit up and down some days but we made the most out of the beautiful lake and the smile on everyone's faces was a good sign!

Check out the video Mica from VIP ( has made HERE. A big thanks to Mica for the great phootage and editing!

Many thanks as well to North Sails and Fanatic for their support.

For more details and to recieve news about my camps and courses with "Learn2Windsurf" please email me:


Windsurf Camps in Monteynard


I'm organizing courses on Lake Monteynard, in France, from the 9th till the 17th of August. They're open to everybody, boys and girls, beginners or freestylers, young or older.

For more details and subscription please contact me on



PWA Fuerteventura 2008


The Freestyle PWA World Tour is now over. The last event in Fuerteventura was a great one with awesome conditions. Everyone was on fire. The competition didn't start very well for me but got better and better during the week and I ended up with a 3rd place, which means I'm now 3rd overall for 2008 in Freestyle.

I've updated the photo gallery with pictures from the last few weeks on Tour in the Canaries, check it out! For more videos, pics and infos:




PWA Pozo 2008


3.0 overpowered

The 2008 PWA freestyle and wave competition in Pozo, Gran Canaria, was a bit of a hectic event for me!

The conditions were crazy the whole time, with winds reaching 50 knots. We had some nice waves and the action was just unbelievable. Ricardo trying triple forward loops, Victor, Jonas, Philip Koster and all the guys going absolutely MASSIVE. The slalom was awesome to watch too, and the women freestyle was more like trying to survive than anything else.

On the 2nd day I had a nasty crash: flaka into the boom on my 3.0 completely overpowered. I hit my throat and neck really bad and finished my day at hospital. Luckily the boom broke so it slowed down the impact a bit. A BIG THANK YOU to Nayra for staying with me all day and being so helpfull!

I could keep on competing the next days but I probably lost some confidence and didn't sail well. I finished 4th in freestyle and 9th in waves.

Sarah Quita won the freestyle, Daida and Victor Fernandez won the waves and Antoin Albeau the slalom. For more details, pictures and videos from the event check out

We're now in Fuerteventura for the next freestyle event which starts on the 24th of July. The conditions have been great so far, I love sailing here, and everyone is on fire!

Victor flying
Evi Pushloop


2nd Place at the PWA Lanzarote 2008!


The first event of the Freestyle PWA World Cup is over and I take the 2nd place!

Sarah-Quita won the woman event - she's sailing really amazing!- and Gollito the men's. The show was incredible all week long.

I'm really happy with the heats I sailed, and it was a lot of fun sailing the finals with Sarah.

We're off to Gran Canaria for the next event now. It will take place in Pozo from the 4th to the 12th of July with slalom, freestyle and wave action, which is guaranteed to be amazing . I will be doing the freestyle and the wave event.



PWA Lanzarote, still 2nd!


It's still windy here in Lanzarote, we've done another single and double eliminations, and I'm still ranked 2nd! I've had some tough heats again but sailed well and made it all the way to the final both times, where I met Sara Quita. She was on fire and even though I did some switch moves and shaka she won and I took the second place. I'm so happy!!!

We've got 2 more days to go, the forecast is still good so we'll for sure have more action happening here. Check out for all the details, results, pics and videos.


PWA Lanzarote 2008


The Lanzarote PWA Freestyle event has started! We've been competing for 2 days already in strong winds and with some nice waves yesterday.

All the girls improved a lot over the winter, landing switch moves, flakas and so on. Sara Quita is on fire and is currently leading. My first day was pretty average but I worked my way up yesterday in the doubel elimination, winning all my heats until the final. Sara beat me there but I'm currently ranked 2nd which I'm very happy with!

The guys' level is just incredible, it has reached another level again... Everyone is going massive!!! Air shove it spocks 15 feet high, puneta burners, fully planing air toads and culos, switch shakas and much much more. It is just amazing to watch. Brawzinio is 1st at the moment, followed by Gollito.

For more details, pics, videos check out


Dahab Vid


I'm back from Dahab since a couple of days, relaxing at home a bit before leaving again to the Canaries. The PWA World Tour starts soon: The first freestyle event will take place in Lanzarote on the 23rd of June, then we'll be heading to Pozo, on Gran Canaria, for some freestyle and wave action and we'll end up in Fuerteventura for the 3rd freestyle event. I'm really excited about it all, nervous too, let's hope it'll all work out well!

I've made a little video with footage from Dahab. Enjoy!


A few moves from Dahab and News from Oz


Here are a few clips from those last couple of days. There will be a longer video soon, but the wind is still blowing so I'm waiting to get more moves on tape the next few days.

Simon's website has been restyled, it looks great, check it out on It's winter in Perth now so the surf is great, Si is getting lots of epic sessions.




There must be some kind of lucky star following me all the way to the Sinai desert, in Egypt. I arrived in Dahab a bit more than a week ago and once again had wind all day, everyday! It's great to be here and see everybody again and I gotta say I'm very impressed by the level of all my mates here! Marco, Salama, Jamie,... all of them learnt heaps of new moves and are landing all the latest ones! Gollito and André Paskowski are here too at the moment and it's just a permanent show on the water. I love it and spend as much time as my body lets me out there, training full on.

I will upload pictures and put a video together as soon as I've got enough clips. Here's just one clip for now, you can see it's pretty windy... That day I could hardly hold on my 3.4!




This week in Morocco was amazing! I loved the place, its people and their culture, the landscapes, the wind and waves of course... it was my first time there but I'll be back soon that's for sure!

We were there with the Surf Shop Préverenges crew who was doing a clinic. I was coached and videoed all week so I learnt a lot and improved my starboard tack wave sailing.

And I gotta say, I rarely laughed as much as this week! The guys made me laugh all week non stop. Good abs work...

I flew home, stayed there a few hours then straight back to the airport to catch my flight to Egypt. I'm now in Dahab for 3 weeks for more freestyle training before the PWA Tour starts. It's really good to be back and the forecast is amazing! I'll post pics and videos as soon as I've got some.


Back from Maui, at home and off to Morocco!


Maui was great, we had wind almost everyday for 3 weeks, some days with big waves, some with REALLY big waves, a few with no wind but perfect surf. We did lots and lots of pictures with North and Fanatic and I had an awesome time working with them and all the guys from both of the teams! We also had the International Football Championships: Fanatic versus Mistral. We got our asses kicked... But it was all really good fun!

I've been at home for about 10 days now, it's been really nice too, warm and sunny, and even a few sessions around different spots! The pics are from "the Pond" in Martigny, a very special spot in the Alps where you can find some thermic wind when every other spot is glassy. The conditions are very tricky, the wind unbelievably gusty and the lake super short. But at the end it's always good to be on the water, especially when surrounded by big mountains full of snow, pretty unreal!

Next stop: Morocco!!! I've had a last minute opportunity to go and train there for a week. I'm going with the Surf Shop Préverenges Crew and will be coached all week! I can't wait, especially when looking at the forecast... I'll keep you updated...


Windsurfing Lessons In Dahab


I will be in Dahab, Egypt, from the 19th of May until the 6th of June. I'm going there to train as the World Tour is starting soon but I will also be offering lessons to anyone who's there.

I teach all levels, from beginners who want to learn the basics, improvers who want to get planing and use the harness, to more advanced windsurfers who want to carve jibe or learn some freestyle. If you're interested in lessons just let me know with an email to

Dahab is a beautiful and warm spot where the wind blows most of the days. It's adapted to all levels with different sailing areas, like the flat lagoon which is safest place to start windsurfing, to outside areas for more advanced windsurfers and even the wavey part where it's possible to jump.




Laure Eslider
Si 1h Eslider
Si Shaka
Gus Flaka
Laure CF Spock
Gus Flaka


Back home enjoying the snow!


I just spent a few days at my sister's in Zermatt and once again I was lucky to score great conditions. It snowed to start with and the next day the sky was blue and we spent the whole day riding all the powder snow we could find and making as many first tracks as possible, awesome! More pics in the gallery...

Simon, who's still in Western Australia, put together a video of the last few months, mixing wave sailing and freestyle. Check it out on or by clicking here. Si is ripping as usual!


Photo gallery updated!


I've just updated my photo gallery with some of the best shots of this winter in Australia. We've had such an amazing time, from Perth to Gnaraloo, Margaret River or Geraldton, we've scored some epic days! I'm especially still soked from our last trip up in Gnaraloo which was just magic. We were always surrounded by great people and friends, we've seen some of the most beautiful places, surfed amazing waves in the middle of nowhere, windsurfed in perfect conditions...

I'm back home now and we've just had an unbelievable amount of fresh powder snow. I'm off snowboarding for a few days, really exciting to be back on my board!

Then it'll be time for the North Sails and Fanatic photo shoots in Maui, I'll be there for a few weeks, can't wait!




What can I say? We knew the forecast was good and were all over excited about finally going up to Gnaraloo, but when the few of us arrived at the spot to find perfect mast high peeling waves and an empty line up we just couldn't believe our eyes! We've had 2 PERFECT days, riding waves after waves, all of us having the sessions of our lives and massive smiles on our faces that couldn't fade out. The wind dropped but the waves were still good to surf. Check out the pics...

The forecast is awesome again for the next days, I'll keep you updated and will post more pictures!

Our garden
Our camp




Here we go, to complete the perfect Fanatic/North combination I just got onto the Choco Fins team!

My new fins are amazing, they make me spin and slide and carve, perfect on my Skate 97 and NewWave 69. I'm using the Starfish Kiri style 16cm for freestyle and the Revolution 21cm and 20cm for waves.

For more details about Choco Fins check out

We've had some good strong easterly winds lately, we've been freestyling on the Swan River here in Perth. The pics were taken at Point Walter's, a great freestyle spot. We also had some good waves and surfed the local beach breaks a fair bit.

It's time to hit the road again soon and we're off to Maragaret River for the next few days, then up North slowly working out way towards Gnaraloo!


Wave-freestyle in Lancelin


Cf Spock

The forecast was good so we decided to head up to Lancelin for the Australian Day weekend. The wind was pretty light but I was comfortably powered on my 4.7 Ice and Skate 97.

The water is flat in the inside there, perfect for some slidey freestyle moves and there are some nice ramps at the back for jumping- awesome fun!!!

Thanks to Popov for the pics!

Si switch chachoo
Popov Spock


The Lancelin Ocean Classic


The legendary Lancelin Ocean Classic took place last weekend with the usual wave event and the Ledge Point to Lancelin downwind race. It was windy, the waves were pretty small but a few sets came in every now and then, enough to get a few jumps and a few wave rides down at South Passage.

I won the women's wave event that was run as an expression session over 2 days, and finished 7th in the pro men's fleet! Pretty stoked about that! I had a few nice rides, a couple of jumps, shove its, forwards.

Simon was really unlucky and as he had only just started his heat he busted his knee!!! He could have done really well too. He's not fully fixed yet but hopefully he'll be back on the water and ripping it up again soon!

The legendary event party at the Lancelin Tavern was just as good as I heard, we had a great night. Many people took part to the downwind race which was nice to see. Well, it was just another awesome event!!!


Margaret River


We were in Margaret a few days ago, scoring good waves and cross off wind. It was my first time sailing there and I really enjoyed it. We had a couple of head high days to start with, then the swell picked up and some nice logo to mast high sets were rolling in. Perfect timing as it took me a bit of time to get used to that wave which isn't easy to ride.

Thanks to Matti for the pics!

Si nice aerial


Coronation Beach is going off with the "Ranger Outdoor Windsurfing Festival" !


The "Ranger Outdoor Windsurfing Festival" took place a couple of weeks ago (sorry for the late update...) at Coronation Beach, in Gerladton. This event was organized with a really interesting social format:windsurf until you can't hold on anymore and party until you can't anymore!!! VERY interesting... Almost a hundred people competed and thousands came to watch! The wind was very strong and some nice waves were breaking out there, everyone sailed all day and had a lot of fun. Saturday night was time to show off your partying skills at the Gerladton Beach Hotel. The party was awesome and very well organised: fashion shows, food, drinks and 3 different live bands playing!

Thanks a lot to all the people who organised this awesome event, we're looking forward to next year!!!




From now on I'll be sailing on Fanatic and North Sails, a big thank you to both of them! I love my new boards and sails and already had some sick sessions with them.

It's been going off here in Western Australia with good waves and strong wind and we started 2008 with a really good surf session!

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