Wave-freestyle in Lancelin


Cf Spock

The forecast was good so we decided to head up to Lancelin for the Australian Day weekend. The wind was pretty light but I was comfortably powered on my 4.7 Ice and Skate 97.

The water is flat in the inside there, perfect for some slidey freestyle moves and there are some nice ramps at the back for jumping- awesome fun!!!

Thanks to Popov for the pics!

Si switch chachoo
Popov Spock


The Lancelin Ocean Classic


The legendary Lancelin Ocean Classic took place last weekend with the usual wave event and the Ledge Point to Lancelin downwind race. It was windy, the waves were pretty small but a few sets came in every now and then, enough to get a few jumps and a few wave rides down at South Passage.

I won the women's wave event that was run as an expression session over 2 days, and finished 7th in the pro men's fleet! Pretty stoked about that! I had a few nice rides, a couple of jumps, shove its, forwards.

Simon was really unlucky and as he had only just started his heat he busted his knee!!! He could have done really well too. He's not fully fixed yet but hopefully he'll be back on the water and ripping it up again soon!

The legendary event party at the Lancelin Tavern was just as good as I heard, we had a great night. Many people took part to the downwind race which was nice to see. Well, it was just another awesome event!!!


Margaret River


We were in Margaret a few days ago, scoring good waves and cross off wind. It was my first time sailing there and I really enjoyed it. We had a couple of head high days to start with, then the swell picked up and some nice logo to mast high sets were rolling in. Perfect timing as it took me a bit of time to get used to that wave which isn't easy to ride.

Thanks to Matti for the pics!

Si nice aerial


Coronation Beach is going off with the "Ranger Outdoor Windsurfing Festival" !


The "Ranger Outdoor Windsurfing Festival" took place a couple of weeks ago (sorry for the late update...) at Coronation Beach, in Gerladton. This event was organized with a really interesting social format:windsurf until you can't hold on anymore and party until you can't anymore!!! VERY interesting... Almost a hundred people competed and thousands came to watch! The wind was very strong and some nice waves were breaking out there, everyone sailed all day and had a lot of fun. Saturday night was time to show off your partying skills at the Gerladton Beach Hotel. The party was awesome and very well organised: fashion shows, food, drinks and 3 different live bands playing!

Thanks a lot to all the people who organised this awesome event, we're looking forward to next year!!!




From now on I'll be sailing on Fanatic and North Sails, a big thank you to both of them! I love my new boards and sails and already had some sick sessions with them.

It's been going off here in Western Australia with good waves and strong wind and we started 2008 with a really good surf session!

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