Back in Western Oz!


Green and flowery Australia
Trigg beach
Trigg Beach after

The competition season is over and I'm back in Western Australia for some winter training.

It's the first time I'm here this early in the season and so far October is my favourite time of the year! The seabreeze has just started kicking in and the swell is still here, the spots are uncrowded, perfect air temperature... Can't get much better than this!

I arrived in Perth a week ago and had a few good windsurfing sessions around, on the river and in Cottlesloe, as well as some good surfing in Trigg. I managed to cut my ear surfing already, so that's done.

As the wind forecast was really good we decided to drive up to Geraldton for a couple of days which turned out to be 2 of my best days ever on the water!

We sailed at Coronation on Friday, with some freestyle to start with and a late wave session as the swell picked up a bit in the evening. The waves weren't very big but it was so much fun being out there with just a few people and an amazing sunset!

On Saturday we started the day with some sick freestyle at Point Moore, a beautiful beach, the water there is amazingly blue and really flat in the inside so we could come in flying into moves. Simon was throwing full speed double esliders and eslider into switch chachoos, as I was getting closer and closer to double spocks. Landed some nice big switch flakas, shove it spocks, etc... I will try and get the photos that were taken over there to post them here. We ended the days with a bit of Coronation wave sailing again before heading back down to Perth.

These pictures are from Coronation Beach on Friday, thanks Si!

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