Pt Moore, Geraldton, Western Australia


Pt Moore in Geraldton can get really good for freestyle and waves and is just an amazing beach. This clip is from an early morning session we had there the other day, the wind was light and we didn't perform anything too crazy... but definitely enjoyed a good moment all by ourselves on the water!

The wind's been good around here lately, been freestyling a lot in Perth, drove up to Geraldton for some wave sailing, back down to Lancelin for a really good logo high wave session. My windsurfing is improving quite a lot, I'm enjoying the variety that we get here in Western Australia, from flat water spots for double spocks, logo high waves and light wind for sick riding days, to small waves and strong wind for jumping. I haven't got any wave sailing footage yes as the reefs we're sailing at are too far out to get any. But hopefully I'll be heading up to Gnaraloo soon and get some there!


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