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I've just updated my photo gallery with some of the best shots of this winter in Australia. We've had such an amazing time, from Perth to Gnaraloo, Margaret River or Geraldton, we've scored some epic days! I'm especially still soked from our last trip up in Gnaraloo which was just magic. We were always surrounded by great people and friends, we've seen some of the most beautiful places, surfed amazing waves in the middle of nowhere, windsurfed in perfect conditions...

I'm back home now and we've just had an unbelievable amount of fresh powder snow. I'm off snowboarding for a few days, really exciting to be back on my board!

Then it'll be time for the North Sails and Fanatic photo shoots in Maui, I'll be there for a few weeks, can't wait!




What can I say? We knew the forecast was good and were all over excited about finally going up to Gnaraloo, but when the few of us arrived at the spot to find perfect mast high peeling waves and an empty line up we just couldn't believe our eyes! We've had 2 PERFECT days, riding waves after waves, all of us having the sessions of our lives and massive smiles on our faces that couldn't fade out. The wind dropped but the waves were still good to surf. Check out the pics...

The forecast is awesome again for the next days, I'll keep you updated and will post more pictures!

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