There must be some kind of lucky star following me all the way to the Sinai desert, in Egypt. I arrived in Dahab a bit more than a week ago and once again had wind all day, everyday! It's great to be here and see everybody again and I gotta say I'm very impressed by the level of all my mates here! Marco, Salama, Jamie,... all of them learnt heaps of new moves and are landing all the latest ones! Gollito and André Paskowski are here too at the moment and it's just a permanent show on the water. I love it and spend as much time as my body lets me out there, training full on.

I will upload pictures and put a video together as soon as I've got enough clips. Here's just one clip for now, you can see it's pretty windy... That day I could hardly hold on my 3.4!




This week in Morocco was amazing! I loved the place, its people and their culture, the landscapes, the wind and waves of course... it was my first time there but I'll be back soon that's for sure!

We were there with the Surf Shop Préverenges crew who was doing a clinic. I was coached and videoed all week so I learnt a lot and improved my starboard tack wave sailing.

And I gotta say, I rarely laughed as much as this week! The guys made me laugh all week non stop. Good abs work...

I flew home, stayed there a few hours then straight back to the airport to catch my flight to Egypt. I'm now in Dahab for 3 weeks for more freestyle training before the PWA Tour starts. It's really good to be back and the forecast is amazing! I'll post pics and videos as soon as I've got some.


Back from Maui, at home and off to Morocco!


Maui was great, we had wind almost everyday for 3 weeks, some days with big waves, some with REALLY big waves, a few with no wind but perfect surf. We did lots and lots of pictures with North and Fanatic and I had an awesome time working with them and all the guys from both of the teams! We also had the International Football Championships: Fanatic versus Mistral. We got our asses kicked... But it was all really good fun!

I've been at home for about 10 days now, it's been really nice too, warm and sunny, and even a few sessions around different spots! The pics are from "the Pond" in Martigny, a very special spot in the Alps where you can find some thermic wind when every other spot is glassy. The conditions are very tricky, the wind unbelievably gusty and the lake super short. But at the end it's always good to be on the water, especially when surrounded by big mountains full of snow, pretty unreal!

Next stop: Morocco!!! I've had a last minute opportunity to go and train there for a week. I'm going with the Surf Shop Préverenges Crew and will be coached all week! I can't wait, especially when looking at the forecast... I'll keep you updated...


Windsurfing Lessons In Dahab


I will be in Dahab, Egypt, from the 19th of May until the 6th of June. I'm going there to train as the World Tour is starting soon but I will also be offering lessons to anyone who's there.

I teach all levels, from beginners who want to learn the basics, improvers who want to get planing and use the harness, to more advanced windsurfers who want to carve jibe or learn some freestyle. If you're interested in lessons just let me know with an email to

Dahab is a beautiful and warm spot where the wind blows most of the days. It's adapted to all levels with different sailing areas, like the flat lagoon which is safest place to start windsurfing, to outside areas for more advanced windsurfers and even the wavey part where it's possible to jump.

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