PWA Lanzarote 2008


The Lanzarote PWA Freestyle event has started! We've been competing for 2 days already in strong winds and with some nice waves yesterday.

All the girls improved a lot over the winter, landing switch moves, flakas and so on. Sara Quita is on fire and is currently leading. My first day was pretty average but I worked my way up yesterday in the doubel elimination, winning all my heats until the final. Sara beat me there but I'm currently ranked 2nd which I'm very happy with!

The guys' level is just incredible, it has reached another level again... Everyone is going massive!!! Air shove it spocks 15 feet high, puneta burners, fully planing air toads and culos, switch shakas and much much more. It is just amazing to watch. Brawzinio is 1st at the moment, followed by Gollito.

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