Happy Days


I'm finally posting new pictures. They're from my last trip up the coast. I won't write much about that one as I wouldn't find the right words for it anyway. It was simply an amazing road trip, filled with happy times, waves, friends, early surfs and late sunset windsurfs, beers and pancakes... Just as good as life can get.

Check out the few pictures it'll help you get a bit of an idea of what I'm talking about. Even though we were way too busy living life for taking pictures really, I've managed to get a few sailing shots of everyone and some lifestyle ones...

I hope you're all having an awesome Christmas and wish you the best for 2010!

waking up in my 5* room
Ben ripping
Andreas ripping




Short update from West Oz:

A few mates and I have been up north for a couple of days. It's wasn't that windy or wavey, but still, we had a lot of fun just camping at Coro's and going on a road trip. There was enough wind for my 4.7 and freestyle board on the first day. There was hardly anyone there beside us which is always a good feeling. The swell had picked up on the 2nd day and we were really keen to go and ride some waves. So we went out, but it was too light to even waterstart... It's fine though, can't wait to go up there again!

The weather's been very weird lately around here, not much happening. One good surf and the swell was gone again. BUT, the forecast is as good as it gets from tomorrow onwards!!! A big westerly storm tomorrow, some good swell for the next days, and seabreeze starting on Thursday and everyday from then on. Summer is here!!

We're off to Geraldton again on Friday, it's guaranteed to be really good up there the whole weekend. Simon will come with and quite a few of the other guys too I'm sure. After that I'll probably just stick around and if it still looks good I'll head up to Gnaraloo... Yeah, it's gonna be goooooood!!!

Thanks Judit for the pictures!


Heli Shoot Clips


Here you go, the video clips taken during the heli shoot the other day. Just a couple of underpowered runs but a always cool perspective.

Filmed by Col Leonhardt,

I'm off to Geraldton for a couple of days now, I'll be back soon with new stories.



Life in and around Perth


I've been back in WA for 3 weeks already, time's flying it's crazy. Well I guess it always does here! Life's pretty awesome that must be why...

There's the people, the beach, the sea, the windsurfing, surfing, wakeboarding, the bbq's... I just love this place!!!
We've had quite a lot of windy days already, even though it's still early in the season. Strong seabreeze, easterly, westerly, we've had it all, and the good thing is that there's always a place to sail, whatever direction the wind blows. I've had some sick freestyle days, flying and landing some good stuff. And I did my first konos! I'm really into it at the moment, I'm fully motivated and can't wait for the next windy day.
There's more and more freestylers around here, which makes it a lot more fun to sail too. Every Tuesday there's a freestyle evening happening from now on, a great concept to introduce more people to freestyle or just windsurfing in general, and have some good time on the water. The first one happened 2 days ago, there wasn't any wind for it unfortunately, but bbq, beer and mates make it a good evening anyway.
We've had some really good wave sailing too, South Passage in Lancelin last weekend was awesome, with good size waves and howling seabreeze. Everyone was out there, all of them ripping, I love sailing with these guys! Scotty was there too, I saw him get some sick waves, his riding is insane.
Plenty of inspiration around here, I've got everything to step it up now, no excuse!

The other day I got an email from Col Leonhardt from Birdseye View Photography - go and check it out it's worth it! - asking me if I'd be up for a heli shoot. He has a new camera, that also does video. and wanted to try it out. Well... Yeah I'm in!!! I've been shooting with him before and got some sick shots, and who would say no to a heli shoot anyway?
Sunday morning was looking ok with an early morning easterly blowing and good weather, so we decided to meet at Pelican Point, on the Swan River. The water isn't quite crystal blue there but it was for a short trial session. The photos and the video clips came out really well, so we're ready to hit the sea next time and get some really good shots!

We're now having a bit of a quieter time, no wind no waves these days. So I'm working on my clinics' program for 2010. I want to make sure I release the dates and places early enough so that people can book their holiday. There will be courses for everyone in sunny and windy locations.

Everyone who's participated to one of my course before will be on the mailing list and will receive the newsletter as soon as a clinic gets confirmed. If you're not on the list yet and wish to receive the newsletter, please email me and I'll add you to it.

Also, if you've got a genius idea of a location where you think i should go and run a clinic, or a cool concept that you'd like to see happen in 2010, feel free to drop me a line!
There's plenty of cool places and things to do and I'm always up for new ideas.

Lots happening at the moment, will come up with more news very soon!



New Swiss Windsurf Mag & Fuerte


Simon sent me a couple of pictures from last time we were in Fuerte. They're from the first couple of days when little waves were coming in, really good fun as you can see! is the new Swiss windsurfing magazine, it just got online and the first issue will be out soon. It's good to see how even in such a small country with no sea, people are dedicated to windsurf. Last time I was windsurfing around on the lakes around here I was very happy to see how many people were out there, especially lots of young ones getting really good at freestyle!


PWA Sylt


Sylt ended with a massive storm over the weekend - 50 knots winds, big waves breaking everywhere, huge tides - and no more beach.

We started early on Saturday morning with the girls, before the conditions got too hardcore. It was port tack with fun size waves, and not cold! It was really good fun out there. I passed my first heat against Sarah-Quita but didn't go for the right strategy at all in my 2nd heat. I lost it unfortunately, which is frustrating as it was the day I could do well there, my kind of conditions and a good seeding. Anyway, competing in the waves is a lot about experience, and it was a good one. I learnt a lot there, it was the first time I sailed in such conditions, and next time I'll do better.

As the day passed, the wind got stronger and the waves bigger, and it was amazing to watch the guys ripping!

We had a huge storm over night and when we got to the beach on Sunday morning... well there wasn't a beach anymore! They ran an expression session as the wave elimination was over and the conditions not really suitable for freestyle or racing. With such big waves, dead onshore wind, and ridiculous current, it was difficult to make it out there. A few guys went out and put up a great show once again.

I'm back from the North Sea now, getting ready for the next big trip: Western Australia! I'm so excited to go back out there, the season is starting, Simon's off to Gnaraloo now and it looks like it's going off!


PWA Sylt - 1st single elimination - 5th place


Tough conditions yesterday for the wave single elimination here in Sylt! As the forecast predicted it, we had some onshore, slightly starboard tack conditions. The wind picked up through the day, reaching 35 knots and building up the waves, making it pretty hard to go out. The high tide didn't help as it makes the current ridiculously strong. And the cold... I coudln't feel ma hands the whole time I was out there.

The only way to make it out the back was to be powered up and start from the top of the beach, take as much speed as possible along the beach and find an opening in the big dumping shore break... I gotta say it wasn't the most welcoming conditions and I was a bit nervous before going out. I observed the beach and the guys going out for a long time, but the beach kept changing every minute, so it was really hard to work out the best path out there. Once you got nailed in the shore break it was almost impossible to make it back out, even some of the guys got stuck in the inside during their whole heat. Not very reassuring...

I was against Heike in my first heat, with Alice and Fanny sailing against each other at the same time. We all went out together but I was the only one to make it out the back. Unfortunately the other girls got stuck in the inside and couldn't sail their heat. I did my best to survive and had to concentrate big time not to make any mistake. I managed to stay out there and ride a few waves, and made it through to the next round. The following heat was against Nayra, and even though I saw that the wind had picked up a fair bit, I decided to stay on 4.2. Not a good decision as I was already overpowered before, and this time I could not even hold on. I sailed for a while but it became just unsailable so I came in. With 3 minutes remaining I didn't have time to change sail and go back out. Nayra sailed well, she did some jumps and got some rides, so she won the heat.

I'm so happy just to have made it out there and to have been able to sail! I'm ranked 5th at the moment which is good considering the conditions, especially with starboard tack wind!

The conditions stayed like this until the end so they could run the whole elimination. Iballa won the girls, followed by Daida, Karin and Nayra. In the men's fleet Alex Mussolini won, followed by Josh Angulo, Antoine Albeau and John Skye. Everyone sailed well and in such hardcore conditions anything can happen. One mistake and you lose your heat...

Today the wind's lighter and they started the freestyle, and for the weekend we should have a massive storm coming... There should be plenty of time to do the double elimination.




PWA Sylt - Day 3


Early start on the 3rd of the PWA event here in Sylt, with a 7 o'clock skipper's meeting. Well it's not that early, but it's dark and cold here at 7. The freestylers are starting at 7.30. Looking forward to watching the guys ripping! We're on hold for the waves, let's see if it gets good enough to start today. I hope it does while it's still port tack! Looks like we'll get starboard tack conditions for later in the week, not my favourite really.

Check out the live ticker, photos and videos on the PWA website.


PWA Sylt - Four Dimensions Première


The last PWA event of this year has started here in Sylt, with women and men's wave, men's freestyle and men's slalom. The wind started blowing a bit today, they're starting with the slalom, and the forecast is pretty good for the whole week so it looks like there will be action happening all week. Everyone's here so it's gonna be fun for sure!

We went to the avant-première of Four Dimensions last night, the latest windsurfing movie produced by André Paskowski and edited by Peter Svensson, with Gollito, Brawzinio and Victor as the riders. The best windsurfing movie ever done in my opinion, on all aspects, AMAZING!

I can just recommend to everyone to get hold of the DVD. Check out the Four Dimensions website:


Lesson with Miss Switzerland


Whitney and I
Yvonand, a week ago on 4.2
Whitney's 1st lesson
The competitors

I had a bit of an unusual lesson to give last Sunday...I was kindly asked to give a windsurfing lesson to Whitney Toyloy, Miss Switzerland, during the Swiss Cup event happening in Yverdon. Whitney was there as a special guest and local celebrity - she lives in Yverdon and knows the windsurfing crew there as her Dad is part of it.

Anyway, I said yes of course, and it turned out to be a really cool afternoon! She did a great job and enjoyed being out there. And despite her celebrity she's a very spontaneous and relaxed girl. And who knows, there might very well be one more girl ripping on the lake soon!

The whole event was well organised, lots of people did the race, including quite a few kids too, shame there wasn't enough wind to validate the race. Still, they managed to do some fun races and attract a lot of spectators!

Beside windsurfing and being at the lake, I've spent a fair bit of time in the mountains lately, hiking, visiting friends and just enjoying being up there. I absolutely love being back in Switzerland, it is an amazing place and there's always something to do.

I'm off to Sylt tomorrow, let's hope it'll be windy! And not too cold please...


3.7 stacked!!!


Just a quick one to share my excitement: today, here in Switzerland, was an EPIC day! I've been sailing all day on 3.7, with my 2 good mates Popov and Séb. Such strong wind is something pretty rare here in Switzerland, so everyone gets over excited. Séb lives right at the beach in an awesome place, so we could rig up and get change there, and tomorrow looks like it'll be good again so I just left everything there, ready to jump in the water again!

It was onshore with some good little ramps , and I did some BIIIIG shove it vulcans, really tweaked and high, it was awesome!


Gallery update - summer 09


The European summer is slowly coming to an end. And what a summer! I literally haven't stopped traveling since end of April, going back and forth between Egypte, Greece, all around the Canaries twice, Holland, and a couple of days in Switzerland in the middle. It's been a busy and productive summer, I really enjoyed it!

I'm back home now and will be here until I gotta go to Sylt for the last PWA wave event of this year, which is in 2 weeks. And after Sylt... Back in Western Australia!

It's good to be home, catch up with everyone and do all the stuff I couldn't do in the last few months. It even looks like we're going to get some north wind in the next days!

Here are some pictures from this summer a bit everywhere...

The North of Lanzarote
Popov, Laure and their boardbags
Pozo on 3.0
The riders in Pozo
Ponch in Fuerte
Dushi yiu!
The Mission
Towed by jet ski or boat...
Towed freestyle in Holland
Towed freestyle in Holland
Tenerife, after surf
A day up north in Tenerife


Greece - Holland - Tenerife


Once the weekend of the Mission over, I flew straight from Amsterdam to Tenerife. I was so excited to come here as it's my first time on this island and I hear so much good about it! Simon's here too and we're being looked after by Ben and the OTC crew so well, it's awesome. The wind hasn't been epic but "sailable" everyday so far. I was really ill and couldn't sail for a few days though. I guess I've been so busy and on the road non stop for a long time now and I needed a bit of a rest.

I'm better now and yesterday Ben took us for a road trip and a surf up north. It was so much fun! We got there and waves were breaking everywhere, we just had to chose which break we wanted to surf! We all had a really good time, catching lots of waves and just enjoying being in the water. Check out the photos...

I received more photos from the Mission of Saturday evening's towed freestyle. The water was completely glassy, perfect, we could go really fast into the moves. On Sunday night we sneaked in a sunset paddle around the lake...

Thanks Hylke for the pictures!

Before Holland and the Canaries, I was in Rhodos, Greece, for 2 weeks of Elevate coaching. It was great, everyone improved a lot and had a good time. I will write a report and add pictures very soon.


The Mission!!


The 6th edition of the Mission happened last weekend in Brouwersdam, Holland. It was such a good event! Lots of windsurfing, a big race with almost 300 people, freestyle and ramp demos, a big party and even some epic rapping... This is the kind of event that windsurfing needs!!!

Even though the wind was pretty light there was non stop action during the whole weekend. First with the race, which was opened to everyone. 270 people registered to it! I've never seen this many young people, kids and girls on the water, it was great to see the new generation out there ripping and loving it. People came from everywhere around Holland, Germany, Belgium, and so on.

Then there was the Red Bull ramp for some jumping action. The wind wasn't strong enough to be planing so the riders were getting towed onto the ramp and launching into loops, air chachoos and so on. We saw some sick moves and big crashes! I didn't go for the ramp but we also did some freestyle towed by boats and a jet ski, which was really good fun. Some good crashes too as you pick up a lot of speed by getting towed, jump into a move, but never have any wind in the sail...

Tombolas were organised and people could win sails, boards, a scooter, and lots of other cool prizes. And on Saturday night a big party took place at the event site, with a special guest, the windsurf rap star Sjors. It was hilarious, just check out his video clip below...

It's really good to see that this kind of events are being organised, this is how windsurfing can get big and popular. Well done to all the people involved into this event, you're doing a great job!

I had an awesome time over there and really hope to be there again next year for the 7th edition!


The Mission


In the weekend of 22 & 23 August 2009 Project44 organises the 6th edition of The Mission, one of the biggest amateur windsurf events in the world, held at the Kabbelaarsbank, at Sail and Surf Centre Brouwersdam, the Netherlands. The event is open for all ages and will be held with the Olympic spirit in mind: participating is more important than winning. The course sailed is a downwind slalom format, the rules are easy: just go for it, jibe and get your way to the finish line! For non-participants the event will certainly also be interesting: during the whole weekend the brand new 2010 windsurf equipment of Fanatic, F2 , MauiSails, Choco Fins and ION will be available for testing and teamriders will be on site to answer all questions about the new gear.
The event will be attended by many professional windsurfers amongst whom Laure Treboux, Tonky Frans, European Champions Steven van Broeckhoven and  Andre Paskowski, Peter Volwater, F2 Shaper Dani Aeberli, and others). Of course national top riders from Holland and Belgium will attend to. In the Battle of Giants the pro’s will show all the latest moves. For this edition of The Mission the jump competition is there again, where the riders will use The Red Bull ramp to make huge jumps. Who jumps the highest, who makes the best move, who crashes his entire windsurf kit? The first day of the event will be finished off in style with a BBQ and a big party. The next day it is back to business with another series of racing, battles and ramp action.
Registration for The Mission is possible via, until the 14th of August there is a discount on registration fees, the whole weekend including, Tombola, BBQ and a bag full goodies, like an ION t-shirt, DVD, stickers etc. will then cost only 30 euro, on site the fee is 40 euros. Registration for the event is also possible at Sail and Surf Centre Brouwersdam until the 16th of August. The program of The Mission starts the 22rd of August at 11.00, on site registration is possible from 9.00 until 10.30. More info about the event can be found at See you at The Mission! You can’t windsurf? No problem, during the weekend you can get free introduction lessons at various times.


No broken bones! Ready for Rhodes


I just came back from the hospital where they checked my wrist and my hand and made x rays, and there's no broken bones!!! Such good news. It's just a sprain. I'll have to take it easy for sure but I can go to Rhodes for my clinics! So happy.

So guys, there are places available still, send me an email if you'd like to join! More details about it all on the "clinics and coaching" page.


Windsurfer Front Cover


Got the front cover of "Windsurfer" this month!

The picture was taken by Sébastien Staub in Dahab.


PWA Fuerte - Home early


Due to injury, I was forced to come home early and stop competing after my first heat of the first day at the PWA in Fuerteventura. Definitely an unlucky season for me!!!

I was training there for 2 weeks straight before the beginning of the event and was on great form, landing some really good stuff, like ponches, full planing high switch flakas, air flakas and everything. I was really looking forward to a chance to improve my ranking after a pretty bad event in Lanzarote. I could do top 2 there and that was my goal.
I went out on the water for my first heat against Iballa. It was howling and I decided to go on 3.4, thought it was a bit big but the wind is always gusty there and I wanted to be powered up all the way to the beach. I quickly understood that 3.0 would have been a better choice though... I went for a clew first spock for my first move, came out of it full speed and my downwind rail caught... Which threw me straight in my boom and fully twisted my wrist. It was pretty painful but when you're sailing a heat you just don't think about it and keep going. But that was it for me, the next day I tried sailing but just couldn't hold on my boom.

I was hoping for my wrist to get better in the next days so I'd be able to sail again, but also for the wind to stay so we'd do 3 double elimination so I could get a discard. My hand got better after some injections (thanks Judith!), pretty amazing stuff actually but the wind stopped completely, and with no time for a 3rd elimination I decided to go home and sort out my hand.

I hope nothing's broken and I'll be fully fixed soon!

Here's a clip of one of the first ponches I landed. It's not the cleanest but it's ok, I actually get up just after the clip stops. Thanks Kuma for filming!




And more Canarian stlye windsurfing!

It's been howling the last few days here in Fuerte and I've had so much fun on the water, training hard everyday and getting ready for next week's PWA event.

Yesterday was my best freestyle day in a very long time, I was loving it out there, stacked on 3.4, landing lots of good moves and crashing really hard too. I also started trying ponches and landed my first ones! Really happy.

It's a great motivation to sail with all the guys (and girls) here and I've learnt a lot lately. Let's hope I keep on sailing like this for the competition!

Thanks Andraz for the pics!


PWA Pozo 09 - Proper Pozo Style


One more time Pozo was an epic event.
40 to 50 knots winds, good waves and crazy action. We did a whole single and double elimination in the waves and the slalom guys got to sail 14 races!
All of it was amazing to watch, the racers flying over the water fighting for the first place and sometimes crashing so hard, the wave sailors launching into huge crazy jumps.
Philip Köster, 15 years old ownder kid, was the star of the event. He's pushing the level to another dimension, going higher than everyone else. He won the event, followed by Victor and Ricardo. Daida won the girls and Iballa was 2nd. Their jumping is still way ahead of everyone's, doing doubles and huge backies in 50 knots. Karin was 3rd and Nayra 4th.
Everyone was sailing amazingly well though. All the heats were amazing to watch, it's really motivating to be there and seeing how far windsurfing is going!
I had a bit of a tough draw, sailing against Evi Tsape in my first heat of the single. She's sailing great, doing table top forwards and pushies, I tried my best but couldn't beat her. Then I was against Karin Jaggi in the double... Again, I did my best and actually did pretty well, I wasn't far behind her on the score sheets, but she still beat me. So I ended up 9th.
I was hoping to do better really, but it's ok, it's always a good experience and I actually enjoy competing in the waves, it's a lot less stressful than freestyle for me. I just want to go and train really hard now and come back next year to try and do better!


PWA Lanzarote 09 - The Story


3.0 weather...

Lanzarote this year didn't really go as well as planed... It started really well with a 2nd place on the first day before things started to go downhill.
I felt ready for this event though: I love the conditions there, arrived 10 days early to train and was sailing really well before the comp started, landing all the moves. I even had first class support there with me, my mate Popov, who helped me out throughout the whole event, cooping with my sometimes not very funny moods....
Everything should have gone really well, but sometimes for some reason it just doesn't happen!
There was a lot of great moments, on and out of the water. It's always great to catch up and sail with everyone, the conditions were awesome with some very windy days and big waves. The level is just insane this year, everyone's stepped up their riding, all the moves are now so high and powerful, and with such big waves coming in there was some sick jumping happening out there: doubles, air chachoos, tweaked pushies, and so on.
As I said I started really well with a 2nd place on the first day, but the following weren't as good...
On the 2nd day my outhaul got undone twice during my heat, I lost and dropped one place. In the following elimination I sailed all the way to the final and was quietly and happily waiting to go out and sail the final against Sarah, when I'm suddenly told that there was a mistake and I'm actually not in the final but in the loser's final. It's mentally the worst to be told such thing and to have to go out within 5 minutes and sail a good heat... My watch wasn't set, my sail not ready - the wind had dropped a lot in the meantime- and even though I tried my best I just wasn't ready. And I lost another heat. A couple more similar stories happened, and in the end I dropped to 4th overall.
Anything can happen during a competition and I'm really disappointed with my result as I know I can do much better, but sometimes it's just how it goes.
Sarah won the event, her sailing is just above everyone else's and a great inspiration. Junko was 2nd, she sailed very well during the whole event, and Daida was 3rd, throwing some massive doubles and other big jumps. All the girls have improved this year, it's really good to see!

I'm now in Pozo for the next PWA Wave event. There will be a lot happening in the next days that's for sure!!!

By the way, sorry for the late Lanzarote report, it's been pretty hectic the last few days, but I'll be better with what's happening here and will keep you updated!


Elevate Windsurf Camps - New Summer Dates!


I'm happy to release some new dates for this year's Elevate Windsurf Camps!

The next ones will take place at the Pro Center in Rhodes, Greece, from the 7th to the 12th and from the 14th to the 19th of August 2009. They're open to anyone willing to improve their windsurfing skills, no level required.
The courses include time on the water, theory sessions and video feedback and will be spread throughout the day in a total of 4 hours per day; if you would like to get more details about the way you'll be taught please check out my "clinics and coaching" page.

The cost for the 6 days course is 185€.
Regarding windsurfing rentals and accommodation, the Pro Center has great deals for both, offering the latest 2010 windsurfing equipment and different hotel options.

Please contact me at for any questions and for your bookings.

I hope to see you on the water soon and wish you all some windy summer days!


Girls Camp in Rhodes!!!


Right, let's see... Where do I start???

I've just spent 3 perfect weeks in Rhodes, doing the Girls Camp at the Pro Center, and had an awesome time there. The atmosphere was so good from the beginning till the end, I met a lot of great people and I gotta say it was really hard to leave!

Seeing all these smiles and happy faces and getting all the positive feedback was so overwhelming and motivating.

The Girls Camp lasted 2 weeks and was open to any girl wanting to windsurf, improve and have a good time. 18 girls joined in from countries from all over Europe. The courses were spread over the day in different sessions, a lot of them on the water of course, with some theory time and video analysis before and after windsurfing. It was great to see all these girls on the water until they couldn't hold on anymore, always learning and pushing themselves even though their hands were hurting, some ribs and legs were bruised and some mornings were a bit painful... :0)

Beside all the windsurfing we had a bit of a full on program with things happening almost every night: dinners in local places, BBQ's, movie nights, surfer's parties, and more... Lots of them turning into big nights and finishing with the sun rising! Not only the windsurfing spot, the beaches and the island are beautiful, the old town or Rhodos is unique too with its small narrow streets full of stylish bars, restaurants and shops, some nice and quiet, perfect for a chilled evening, or the crowded ones where music is blasting from every corner all night.

I keep on writing about these weeks in Rhodes for ages, but the best is that I leave you now and let you have a look at the pictures...

All this was only possible thanks to the Pro Center and its Crew. The whole team was very helpful and welcoming, and a big part of the Girls Camp success. The Pro Center's set up is very professional, providing the latest windsurfing equipment and all the necessary teaching support.

Thanks again to everyone for the great time over there and see you soon for the next Girls Camp Edition!!!


"Windsurf Beauties"


"Windsurf Beauties" is a new all girl video clip produced by Svetoslav Bolgarchuk.

The riders: Olya Raskina, Sveta Martinova and myself.

Awesome editing and nice storyline! Thanks Sveto!



Elevate Windsurf Camp, 1st Edition


Well I think I can quite happily claim the 1st edition of the "Elevate Windsurf Camps" as a success!

6 days, 7 people, 7 different nationalities, and loads of fun and progress for everyone. I really enjoyed this week and would like to thank my great students and everyone at Planet Windsurfing for making it all possible!

Even though the wind was pretty light some of the days, we made the most out of our time in Dahab. Everyone improved a lot, from cruising or freestyling in planing conditions to playing around in light winds. We spent as much time as possible on the water, followed by theory sessions, video analysing, simulator sessions.

Thanks again to everyone and hopefully see you again soon!

I just arrived in Rhodes, the Girls Camp is starting in a couple of days at the Pro Center. The forecast is really good, everyone here is so friendly, the conditions look like a lot of fun, I love the place already!

I will keep you updated and wish you all good windy days!





Spring in Switzerland is amazing: there's still a lot of snow in the mountains, the sun is shining and it's getting nice and warm.

I hadn't planed too much these weeks so I could just jump on any opportunity showing up. I love it! When I heard that Dahab is going off all the time at the moment I couldn't resist but book this last minute flight that no one else wanted...

So I'm off to Dahab for a week, from the 17th to the 24th. I can't wait to hit the water again and train full on. I will also be available for private or group coaching, so if you're interested just drop me an email. Same for those who want to take part to my clinics in May!

I will be staying at the Hotel Alfa Leila, a very stylish egyptian style bed&breakfast. I highly recommend this place to everyone coming to Dahab and looking for a warm and comfortable place to stay! More info on their website,

I was in Dahab last October with Sébastien Staub, a young and talented photographer from Switzerland. He got some great shots, as usual! I've posted a few of them, you should also check out his website to see more of his work, it's worth it!

©sébastien staub
©sébastien staub
©sébastien staub
©sébastien staub
©sébastien staub


Water, Snow and more


This summer in Western Australia has been amazing: lots of wind, waves, windsurfing, friends, surfing, bbq's, wakeboarding,...

The wind died a bit towards the end as it's supposed to, so I mainly surfed around Perth. We still managed to get a couple of good wave sailing days though, one of them was in Avalon, a spot south of Perth which only works when the swell is big enough. The waves weren't very big, but awesome fun, especially towards the end of the day when everyone came in and we had the spot for ourselves, with more and more good sets coming in! Thanks Col for the pictures!

I came back home a little while ago to find beautiful Switzerland with still lots of snow. I've been snowboarding almost everyday, we've had awesome conditions, and it's not over yet!

There are still places available at my clinics in Dahab in May as well as at the Girls Camp in Rhodes in June. Don't hesitate to contact me for details and bookings! You'll also find information about the courses, dates, prices and so on, on my "Clinics & Coaching" page.

If you are looking for second hand windsurfing equipment, I've got my 2009 kit for sale (boards, sails, masts, booms, ...)! Just contact me here.

And for those who feel like doing a bit of shopping, Chiemsee just started their new online shop, "24Hours 7Days a Week", check it out!


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"Elevate Windsurf Camps" & Girls Camp


Click on the images above to see all the details about my upcoming windsurf camps!

The 1st edition of the "Elevate Windsurf Camps" will take place in Dahab in May, with 2 different courses: "Special Intermediate" & "Open Week".

Both are full time courses including theory, video feedback and of course time on the water. They will take place at the Planet Windsurfing Center.

During the 3 days "Special Intermediate" course, you'll learn how to sail along and plane comfortably using the harness and footstraps, to waterstart, turn around without falling in, and everything else you need to know to fully enjoy your time out there!

The "Open Week" is a 6 day course open to everyone, whether you have never windsurfed before or you want to learn to plane, duck jibe, spock...

Don't hesitate to contact me for any further information and bookings:


In June I'll be in Rhodes for the Girls Camp organised and hosted by the Pro Center. Girls, don't miss out!

You can be a total beginner or ripping on the water, it doesn't matter, the camp is for all of you! You'll learn everything you need during the hours of teaching on the water, the video debriefs, theories, etc. I'll be teaching to all levels and make sure you'll all enjoy your time on the water.

Click on the image to see all the details you need to know. For more information and bookings please contact


Hope to see you on the water soon!





Freestyle at Coro's & New Design


It's raining today here in Perth, a perfect day to collect some clips and edit them into a short video. They're from our last trip in Geraldton, where we had lots of wind and waves. No wave footage unfortunately - the waves breaking so far out- but here's a bit of freestyle action.

And as you can see, my website has got a shiny new design, hope you like it! Thanks to Séb from Tiare for the great job!



1st place at the Lancelin Ocean Classic!


1handed cut back

Once again, the Lancelin Ocean Classic was the event of the year not to miss out on!!!

It was lots and lots of all the good things: windsurfing, wind, waves, happy people, parties... The Ocean Classic is a big windsurfing festival including a wave event, the longest downwind race and a slalom, all of it in a unique atmosphere thanks to the great organisation: music playing all the time, live bands, loads of people watching and free windsurfing lessons. Lancelin, which is usually more like a quiet little town, turns into a really busy party!

The wave event started on Thursday and I entered both the ladies and elite fleets. The wind was pretty light but some nice head high waves were coming in. They sent all the girls out at the same time for a 25 minute heat. We were all loving it out there, catching waves, smiling and having fun. I landed a few loops, shove its and so on, got some nice riding, and won!!!

I went back out later on for the Elite's single elimination. The waves were getting better and better and I got some really good waves, but I unfortunately didn't make it. The guys were all ripping and it was really good to sail with them though! Lots of big names were there: Boujmaa, Jaegger Stone, Scotty, Ben Severne, Luke Walmsley, etc.

On Friday, they started the double elimination. The wind was really light and the swell had dropped, so it was hard to jump or find a wave to ride out there.The guys in my first two heats decided the wind was too light and didn't come out, so I advanced though 2 rounds until I met Boujmaa and got kicked out. Again, it was good experience and just fun to be out there!

Once the double was over they ran expression sessions for all the other categories, so all the girls were out there and we had once again the spot for ourselves! I was out on my freestyle board to make sure I would get planing and had a really nice freestyle-wave session: shakas, air flakas, some littles wave rides, and I finished 1st as well!

They ran the downwind race on Saturday which was really nice to watch. 26km and 170 people! The swell came back so we went out for some more fun, and on Saturday night the legendary party at the Tavern was on, as good as usual. On Sunday the wind decided not to pick up, which was ok as everyone was dead and happy to chill on the beach!

Thanks a lot to all the organisers and sponsors for this great event, we're all really looking forward to next year! For more check out

And thanks to Col Leonhardt for the pics above!

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