New Swiss Windsurf Mag & Fuerte


Simon sent me a couple of pictures from last time we were in Fuerte. They're from the first couple of days when little waves were coming in, really good fun as you can see! is the new Swiss windsurfing magazine, it just got online and the first issue will be out soon. It's good to see how even in such a small country with no sea, people are dedicated to windsurf. Last time I was windsurfing around on the lakes around here I was very happy to see how many people were out there, especially lots of young ones getting really good at freestyle!


PWA Sylt


Sylt ended with a massive storm over the weekend - 50 knots winds, big waves breaking everywhere, huge tides - and no more beach.

We started early on Saturday morning with the girls, before the conditions got too hardcore. It was port tack with fun size waves, and not cold! It was really good fun out there. I passed my first heat against Sarah-Quita but didn't go for the right strategy at all in my 2nd heat. I lost it unfortunately, which is frustrating as it was the day I could do well there, my kind of conditions and a good seeding. Anyway, competing in the waves is a lot about experience, and it was a good one. I learnt a lot there, it was the first time I sailed in such conditions, and next time I'll do better.

As the day passed, the wind got stronger and the waves bigger, and it was amazing to watch the guys ripping!

We had a huge storm over night and when we got to the beach on Sunday morning... well there wasn't a beach anymore! They ran an expression session as the wave elimination was over and the conditions not really suitable for freestyle or racing. With such big waves, dead onshore wind, and ridiculous current, it was difficult to make it out there. A few guys went out and put up a great show once again.

I'm back from the North Sea now, getting ready for the next big trip: Western Australia! I'm so excited to go back out there, the season is starting, Simon's off to Gnaraloo now and it looks like it's going off!


PWA Sylt - 1st single elimination - 5th place


Tough conditions yesterday for the wave single elimination here in Sylt! As the forecast predicted it, we had some onshore, slightly starboard tack conditions. The wind picked up through the day, reaching 35 knots and building up the waves, making it pretty hard to go out. The high tide didn't help as it makes the current ridiculously strong. And the cold... I coudln't feel ma hands the whole time I was out there.

The only way to make it out the back was to be powered up and start from the top of the beach, take as much speed as possible along the beach and find an opening in the big dumping shore break... I gotta say it wasn't the most welcoming conditions and I was a bit nervous before going out. I observed the beach and the guys going out for a long time, but the beach kept changing every minute, so it was really hard to work out the best path out there. Once you got nailed in the shore break it was almost impossible to make it back out, even some of the guys got stuck in the inside during their whole heat. Not very reassuring...

I was against Heike in my first heat, with Alice and Fanny sailing against each other at the same time. We all went out together but I was the only one to make it out the back. Unfortunately the other girls got stuck in the inside and couldn't sail their heat. I did my best to survive and had to concentrate big time not to make any mistake. I managed to stay out there and ride a few waves, and made it through to the next round. The following heat was against Nayra, and even though I saw that the wind had picked up a fair bit, I decided to stay on 4.2. Not a good decision as I was already overpowered before, and this time I could not even hold on. I sailed for a while but it became just unsailable so I came in. With 3 minutes remaining I didn't have time to change sail and go back out. Nayra sailed well, she did some jumps and got some rides, so she won the heat.

I'm so happy just to have made it out there and to have been able to sail! I'm ranked 5th at the moment which is good considering the conditions, especially with starboard tack wind!

The conditions stayed like this until the end so they could run the whole elimination. Iballa won the girls, followed by Daida, Karin and Nayra. In the men's fleet Alex Mussolini won, followed by Josh Angulo, Antoine Albeau and John Skye. Everyone sailed well and in such hardcore conditions anything can happen. One mistake and you lose your heat...

Today the wind's lighter and they started the freestyle, and for the weekend we should have a massive storm coming... There should be plenty of time to do the double elimination.



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