PWA Sylt


Sylt ended with a massive storm over the weekend - 50 knots winds, big waves breaking everywhere, huge tides - and no more beach.

We started early on Saturday morning with the girls, before the conditions got too hardcore. It was port tack with fun size waves, and not cold! It was really good fun out there. I passed my first heat against Sarah-Quita but didn't go for the right strategy at all in my 2nd heat. I lost it unfortunately, which is frustrating as it was the day I could do well there, my kind of conditions and a good seeding. Anyway, competing in the waves is a lot about experience, and it was a good one. I learnt a lot there, it was the first time I sailed in such conditions, and next time I'll do better.

As the day passed, the wind got stronger and the waves bigger, and it was amazing to watch the guys ripping!

We had a huge storm over night and when we got to the beach on Sunday morning... well there wasn't a beach anymore! They ran an expression session as the wave elimination was over and the conditions not really suitable for freestyle or racing. With such big waves, dead onshore wind, and ridiculous current, it was difficult to make it out there. A few guys went out and put up a great show once again.

I'm back from the North Sea now, getting ready for the next big trip: Western Australia! I'm so excited to go back out there, the season is starting, Simon's off to Gnaraloo now and it looks like it's going off!

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