Short update from West Oz:

A few mates and I have been up north for a couple of days. It's wasn't that windy or wavey, but still, we had a lot of fun just camping at Coro's and going on a road trip. There was enough wind for my 4.7 and freestyle board on the first day. There was hardly anyone there beside us which is always a good feeling. The swell had picked up on the 2nd day and we were really keen to go and ride some waves. So we went out, but it was too light to even waterstart... It's fine though, can't wait to go up there again!

The weather's been very weird lately around here, not much happening. One good surf and the swell was gone again. BUT, the forecast is as good as it gets from tomorrow onwards!!! A big westerly storm tomorrow, some good swell for the next days, and seabreeze starting on Thursday and everyday from then on. Summer is here!!

We're off to Geraldton again on Friday, it's guaranteed to be really good up there the whole weekend. Simon will come with and quite a few of the other guys too I'm sure. After that I'll probably just stick around and if it still looks good I'll head up to Gnaraloo... Yeah, it's gonna be goooooood!!!

Thanks Judit for the pictures!

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