And more Canarian stlye windsurfing!

It's been howling the last few days here in Fuerte and I've had so much fun on the water, training hard everyday and getting ready for next week's PWA event.

Yesterday was my best freestyle day in a very long time, I was loving it out there, stacked on 3.4, landing lots of good moves and crashing really hard too. I also started trying ponches and landed my first ones! Really happy.

It's a great motivation to sail with all the guys (and girls) here and I've learnt a lot lately. Let's hope I keep on sailing like this for the competition!

Thanks Andraz for the pics!


PWA Pozo 09 - Proper Pozo Style


One more time Pozo was an epic event.
40 to 50 knots winds, good waves and crazy action. We did a whole single and double elimination in the waves and the slalom guys got to sail 14 races!
All of it was amazing to watch, the racers flying over the water fighting for the first place and sometimes crashing so hard, the wave sailors launching into huge crazy jumps.
Philip Köster, 15 years old ownder kid, was the star of the event. He's pushing the level to another dimension, going higher than everyone else. He won the event, followed by Victor and Ricardo. Daida won the girls and Iballa was 2nd. Their jumping is still way ahead of everyone's, doing doubles and huge backies in 50 knots. Karin was 3rd and Nayra 4th.
Everyone was sailing amazingly well though. All the heats were amazing to watch, it's really motivating to be there and seeing how far windsurfing is going!
I had a bit of a tough draw, sailing against Evi Tsape in my first heat of the single. She's sailing great, doing table top forwards and pushies, I tried my best but couldn't beat her. Then I was against Karin Jaggi in the double... Again, I did my best and actually did pretty well, I wasn't far behind her on the score sheets, but she still beat me. So I ended up 9th.
I was hoping to do better really, but it's ok, it's always a good experience and I actually enjoy competing in the waves, it's a lot less stressful than freestyle for me. I just want to go and train really hard now and come back next year to try and do better!


PWA Lanzarote 09 - The Story


3.0 weather...

Lanzarote this year didn't really go as well as planed... It started really well with a 2nd place on the first day before things started to go downhill.
I felt ready for this event though: I love the conditions there, arrived 10 days early to train and was sailing really well before the comp started, landing all the moves. I even had first class support there with me, my mate Popov, who helped me out throughout the whole event, cooping with my sometimes not very funny moods....
Everything should have gone really well, but sometimes for some reason it just doesn't happen!
There was a lot of great moments, on and out of the water. It's always great to catch up and sail with everyone, the conditions were awesome with some very windy days and big waves. The level is just insane this year, everyone's stepped up their riding, all the moves are now so high and powerful, and with such big waves coming in there was some sick jumping happening out there: doubles, air chachoos, tweaked pushies, and so on.
As I said I started really well with a 2nd place on the first day, but the following weren't as good...
On the 2nd day my outhaul got undone twice during my heat, I lost and dropped one place. In the following elimination I sailed all the way to the final and was quietly and happily waiting to go out and sail the final against Sarah, when I'm suddenly told that there was a mistake and I'm actually not in the final but in the loser's final. It's mentally the worst to be told such thing and to have to go out within 5 minutes and sail a good heat... My watch wasn't set, my sail not ready - the wind had dropped a lot in the meantime- and even though I tried my best I just wasn't ready. And I lost another heat. A couple more similar stories happened, and in the end I dropped to 4th overall.
Anything can happen during a competition and I'm really disappointed with my result as I know I can do much better, but sometimes it's just how it goes.
Sarah won the event, her sailing is just above everyone else's and a great inspiration. Junko was 2nd, she sailed very well during the whole event, and Daida was 3rd, throwing some massive doubles and other big jumps. All the girls have improved this year, it's really good to see!

I'm now in Pozo for the next PWA Wave event. There will be a lot happening in the next days that's for sure!!!

By the way, sorry for the late Lanzarote report, it's been pretty hectic the last few days, but I'll be better with what's happening here and will keep you updated!

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