Greece - Holland - Tenerife


Once the weekend of the Mission over, I flew straight from Amsterdam to Tenerife. I was so excited to come here as it's my first time on this island and I hear so much good about it! Simon's here too and we're being looked after by Ben and the OTC crew so well, it's awesome. The wind hasn't been epic but "sailable" everyday so far. I was really ill and couldn't sail for a few days though. I guess I've been so busy and on the road non stop for a long time now and I needed a bit of a rest.

I'm better now and yesterday Ben took us for a road trip and a surf up north. It was so much fun! We got there and waves were breaking everywhere, we just had to chose which break we wanted to surf! We all had a really good time, catching lots of waves and just enjoying being in the water. Check out the photos...

I received more photos from the Mission of Saturday evening's towed freestyle. The water was completely glassy, perfect, we could go really fast into the moves. On Sunday night we sneaked in a sunset paddle around the lake...

Thanks Hylke for the pictures!

Before Holland and the Canaries, I was in Rhodos, Greece, for 2 weeks of Elevate coaching. It was great, everyone improved a lot and had a good time. I will write a report and add pictures very soon.


The Mission!!


The 6th edition of the Mission happened last weekend in Brouwersdam, Holland. It was such a good event! Lots of windsurfing, a big race with almost 300 people, freestyle and ramp demos, a big party and even some epic rapping... This is the kind of event that windsurfing needs!!!

Even though the wind was pretty light there was non stop action during the whole weekend. First with the race, which was opened to everyone. 270 people registered to it! I've never seen this many young people, kids and girls on the water, it was great to see the new generation out there ripping and loving it. People came from everywhere around Holland, Germany, Belgium, and so on.

Then there was the Red Bull ramp for some jumping action. The wind wasn't strong enough to be planing so the riders were getting towed onto the ramp and launching into loops, air chachoos and so on. We saw some sick moves and big crashes! I didn't go for the ramp but we also did some freestyle towed by boats and a jet ski, which was really good fun. Some good crashes too as you pick up a lot of speed by getting towed, jump into a move, but never have any wind in the sail...

Tombolas were organised and people could win sails, boards, a scooter, and lots of other cool prizes. And on Saturday night a big party took place at the event site, with a special guest, the windsurf rap star Sjors. It was hilarious, just check out his video clip below...

It's really good to see that this kind of events are being organised, this is how windsurfing can get big and popular. Well done to all the people involved into this event, you're doing a great job!

I had an awesome time over there and really hope to be there again next year for the 7th edition!


The Mission


In the weekend of 22 & 23 August 2009 Project44 organises the 6th edition of The Mission, one of the biggest amateur windsurf events in the world, held at the Kabbelaarsbank, at Sail and Surf Centre Brouwersdam, the Netherlands. The event is open for all ages and will be held with the Olympic spirit in mind: participating is more important than winning. The course sailed is a downwind slalom format, the rules are easy: just go for it, jibe and get your way to the finish line! For non-participants the event will certainly also be interesting: during the whole weekend the brand new 2010 windsurf equipment of Fanatic, F2 , MauiSails, Choco Fins and ION will be available for testing and teamriders will be on site to answer all questions about the new gear.
The event will be attended by many professional windsurfers amongst whom Laure Treboux, Tonky Frans, European Champions Steven van Broeckhoven and  Andre Paskowski, Peter Volwater, F2 Shaper Dani Aeberli, and others). Of course national top riders from Holland and Belgium will attend to. In the Battle of Giants the pro’s will show all the latest moves. For this edition of The Mission the jump competition is there again, where the riders will use The Red Bull ramp to make huge jumps. Who jumps the highest, who makes the best move, who crashes his entire windsurf kit? The first day of the event will be finished off in style with a BBQ and a big party. The next day it is back to business with another series of racing, battles and ramp action.
Registration for The Mission is possible via, until the 14th of August there is a discount on registration fees, the whole weekend including, Tombola, BBQ and a bag full goodies, like an ION t-shirt, DVD, stickers etc. will then cost only 30 euro, on site the fee is 40 euros. Registration for the event is also possible at Sail and Surf Centre Brouwersdam until the 16th of August. The program of The Mission starts the 22rd of August at 11.00, on site registration is possible from 9.00 until 10.30. More info about the event can be found at See you at The Mission! You can’t windsurf? No problem, during the weekend you can get free introduction lessons at various times.


No broken bones! Ready for Rhodes


I just came back from the hospital where they checked my wrist and my hand and made x rays, and there's no broken bones!!! Such good news. It's just a sprain. I'll have to take it easy for sure but I can go to Rhodes for my clinics! So happy.

So guys, there are places available still, send me an email if you'd like to join! More details about it all on the "clinics and coaching" page.


Windsurfer Front Cover


Got the front cover of "Windsurfer" this month!

The picture was taken by Sébastien Staub in Dahab.


PWA Fuerte - Home early


Due to injury, I was forced to come home early and stop competing after my first heat of the first day at the PWA in Fuerteventura. Definitely an unlucky season for me!!!

I was training there for 2 weeks straight before the beginning of the event and was on great form, landing some really good stuff, like ponches, full planing high switch flakas, air flakas and everything. I was really looking forward to a chance to improve my ranking after a pretty bad event in Lanzarote. I could do top 2 there and that was my goal.
I went out on the water for my first heat against Iballa. It was howling and I decided to go on 3.4, thought it was a bit big but the wind is always gusty there and I wanted to be powered up all the way to the beach. I quickly understood that 3.0 would have been a better choice though... I went for a clew first spock for my first move, came out of it full speed and my downwind rail caught... Which threw me straight in my boom and fully twisted my wrist. It was pretty painful but when you're sailing a heat you just don't think about it and keep going. But that was it for me, the next day I tried sailing but just couldn't hold on my boom.

I was hoping for my wrist to get better in the next days so I'd be able to sail again, but also for the wind to stay so we'd do 3 double elimination so I could get a discard. My hand got better after some injections (thanks Judith!), pretty amazing stuff actually but the wind stopped completely, and with no time for a 3rd elimination I decided to go home and sort out my hand.

I hope nothing's broken and I'll be fully fixed soon!

Here's a clip of one of the first ponches I landed. It's not the cleanest but it's ok, I actually get up just after the clip stops. Thanks Kuma for filming!

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