PWA Fuerte - Home early


Due to injury, I was forced to come home early and stop competing after my first heat of the first day at the PWA in Fuerteventura. Definitely an unlucky season for me!!!

I was training there for 2 weeks straight before the beginning of the event and was on great form, landing some really good stuff, like ponches, full planing high switch flakas, air flakas and everything. I was really looking forward to a chance to improve my ranking after a pretty bad event in Lanzarote. I could do top 2 there and that was my goal.
I went out on the water for my first heat against Iballa. It was howling and I decided to go on 3.4, thought it was a bit big but the wind is always gusty there and I wanted to be powered up all the way to the beach. I quickly understood that 3.0 would have been a better choice though... I went for a clew first spock for my first move, came out of it full speed and my downwind rail caught... Which threw me straight in my boom and fully twisted my wrist. It was pretty painful but when you're sailing a heat you just don't think about it and keep going. But that was it for me, the next day I tried sailing but just couldn't hold on my boom.

I was hoping for my wrist to get better in the next days so I'd be able to sail again, but also for the wind to stay so we'd do 3 double elimination so I could get a discard. My hand got better after some injections (thanks Judith!), pretty amazing stuff actually but the wind stopped completely, and with no time for a 3rd elimination I decided to go home and sort out my hand.

I hope nothing's broken and I'll be fully fixed soon!

Here's a clip of one of the first ponches I landed. It's not the cleanest but it's ok, I actually get up just after the clip stops. Thanks Kuma for filming!

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