The Mission!!


The 6th edition of the Mission happened last weekend in Brouwersdam, Holland. It was such a good event! Lots of windsurfing, a big race with almost 300 people, freestyle and ramp demos, a big party and even some epic rapping... This is the kind of event that windsurfing needs!!!

Even though the wind was pretty light there was non stop action during the whole weekend. First with the race, which was opened to everyone. 270 people registered to it! I've never seen this many young people, kids and girls on the water, it was great to see the new generation out there ripping and loving it. People came from everywhere around Holland, Germany, Belgium, and so on.

Then there was the Red Bull ramp for some jumping action. The wind wasn't strong enough to be planing so the riders were getting towed onto the ramp and launching into loops, air chachoos and so on. We saw some sick moves and big crashes! I didn't go for the ramp but we also did some freestyle towed by boats and a jet ski, which was really good fun. Some good crashes too as you pick up a lot of speed by getting towed, jump into a move, but never have any wind in the sail...

Tombolas were organised and people could win sails, boards, a scooter, and lots of other cool prizes. And on Saturday night a big party took place at the event site, with a special guest, the windsurf rap star Sjors. It was hilarious, just check out his video clip below...

It's really good to see that this kind of events are being organised, this is how windsurfing can get big and popular. Well done to all the people involved into this event, you're doing a great job!

I had an awesome time over there and really hope to be there again next year for the 7th edition!

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