Greece - Holland - Tenerife


Once the weekend of the Mission over, I flew straight from Amsterdam to Tenerife. I was so excited to come here as it's my first time on this island and I hear so much good about it! Simon's here too and we're being looked after by Ben and the OTC crew so well, it's awesome. The wind hasn't been epic but "sailable" everyday so far. I was really ill and couldn't sail for a few days though. I guess I've been so busy and on the road non stop for a long time now and I needed a bit of a rest.

I'm better now and yesterday Ben took us for a road trip and a surf up north. It was so much fun! We got there and waves were breaking everywhere, we just had to chose which break we wanted to surf! We all had a really good time, catching lots of waves and just enjoying being in the water. Check out the photos...

I received more photos from the Mission of Saturday evening's towed freestyle. The water was completely glassy, perfect, we could go really fast into the moves. On Sunday night we sneaked in a sunset paddle around the lake...

Thanks Hylke for the pictures!

Before Holland and the Canaries, I was in Rhodos, Greece, for 2 weeks of Elevate coaching. It was great, everyone improved a lot and had a good time. I will write a report and add pictures very soon.

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