The European summer is slowly coming to an end. And what a summer! I literally haven't stopped traveling since end of April, going back and forth between Egypte, Greece, all around the Canaries twice, Holland, and a couple of days in Switzerland in the middle. It's been a busy and productive summer, I really enjoyed it!

I'm back home now and will be here until I gotta go to Sylt for the last PWA wave event of this year, which is in 2 weeks. And after Sylt... Back in Western Australia!

It's good to be home, catch up with everyone and do all the stuff I couldn't do in the last few months. It even looks like we're going to get some north wind in the next days!

Here are some pictures from this summer a bit everywhere...

The North of Lanzarote
Popov, Laure and their boardbags
Pozo on 3.0
The riders in Pozo
Ponch in Fuerte
Dushi yiu!
The Mission
Towed by jet ski or boat...
Towed freestyle in Holland
Towed freestyle in Holland
Tenerife, after surf
A day up north in Tenerife

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