Switzerland to West Oz - Home to home



After the last PWA event of the year, Sylt, I spent 10 days at home in Switzerland sorting out my stuff and mainly catching up with everyone, family and friends. Precious moments and great memories.

I've now been in Western Australia for almost a month and it's just like being at home. It's so good to be back. I just love it and there's nowhere I'd like to be more than here.

Switzerland and Australia are very different places, as far away from each other as they can be on this planet and still, both feel like home. Lakes, mountains and snow in one, ocean, desert and waves in the other... I love it all and am happiest in either.

Don't get me wrong though. Traveling the world is amazing and I appreciate my luck to be able to see so many places and meet new people every day. All this traveling is a unique experience and I wouldn't swap it for anything.

But being on the road for over 6 months also makes you appreciate home. Which is exactly what I'm doing at the moment.

Scotty's truck
Ben & Si - spending too much time together

I've been back in Western Australia for almost a month now, and all the days I've had on the water were sick. Not one rubbish day.

Scored a few days at South Passage with uncrowded glassy waves. Got Avalon working with about 4 of us out there, unexpected and great fun. An awesome weekend up in Green Head with Si, Ben, Scotty and Juso, forward loops contest, big jumps and big crashes (Si definitely won that one with the biggest crash I've seen in a while). We also had a few freestyle sessions on days without swell. The best one at Pelican Point, 4.2 stacked, flying on my Skate, some big moves and crashes too, so much fun I couldn't come off the water.

It's so good to be back, cruising along the coast looking for wind and waves or chilling at home.

Sorry, no action photos. With reefs 2km out it's a bit difficult.

the West Coast
Djé & Pov - weekend at the chalet...
Nat & Laure - weekend up at the chalet...
Welcome home Si! Jenna's amazing cakes


October's coverage


Windsurfer, October 2010, Front cover and 4 pages!

Motion Mag, Davy's 13, October 2010


New freestyle video clip online


I've been freestyle training in Dahab for 3 weeks this last September. The wind blew every single day, lots of my good friends were there, it was just perfect.
I edited a short clip out of the footage we got. There will be another one coming soon with all of us so stay tuned!


PWA Sylt Update


Autographe session at the North and Fanatic tent
The top 4

We're still in Sylt, Germany, for the Colgate PWA World Cup starring men and women's wave and men's freestyle and slalom. The event is huge as usual, with massive crowds watching the action, lots of tents and stuff happening. So far they managed to run a freestyle single elimination. Gollito won, Taty's 2nd, Steven 3rd and Kiri 4th. The wind was really light and the heats had to be extended to 12 minutes to make sure there would be enough gusts coming through for the guys to nail enough moves. And although the conditions were really tough they were landing sick moves.

The wind's still light today but just enough to run the slalom. You can watch all the action live and read the live ticker thanks to the new feature on, the PWA TV! Plus you can gps track all the racers by following this link

It doesn't look like we'll get any wave action today, but hopefully the wind and swell will pick up soon!

Will keep you posted.

All pics ©J.Carter/PWA and ©

opening ceremony
Boujmaa ripping
German style


Dahab - Switzerland - Sylt


1h eslider
Phil Richards Kono
Dieter 1h shaka

A lot happened since the last update…

The Red Sea perfection kept going till the end of the trip. 3 perfect weeks in Dahab, wind everyday for 3.7 and 4.2, lots of friends out, new moves, happy day. The prefect freestyle trip !

We got a lot of footage from there, video and photos. I am editing a little video clip and will post it soon. All the photos were taken by Jérôme Treboux - thank you little brother!!!

Mr Pov!
Dieter sw kono

Flew home on Sunday morning – had the most stunning flight over the snowy Swiss Alps, aaaah home sweet home ! - and on Tuesday drove to Luzern for the customer event of my new sponsor, SISA, where I had to do a presentation about my life as a pro windsurfer, speak in a microphone -on stage - in front of a crowd - with a powerpoint presentation… Been nervous about it for 2 weeks!!!

It went well in the end, and I think a lot of people who would never have heard about windsurfing otherwise got a good idea about our amazing sport and who knows, might event give it a go !

It was an interesting day and good experience. My favorite part was Eliana Burki playing jazz and blues tunes with an alphorn! It sounded awesome, never expected something like that!

looking pretty stressed haha!
funky alphorn!

Spent Wednesday sorting my stuff out, packing my boardbags and on Thursday I was off again, this time more towards the northern part of the world : Sylt.

The yearly massive Sylt PWA event is on, it started with registration yesterday and will go on till the 3rd of October.

There’s waves for both men and women, freestyle men and slalom men, so everyone is here and it’s really good to see them all.

We were down here really early this morning - I carried my board down the beach with the moon shining over my head -  as skipper’s was at 7.15 with the first possible start at 7.30.

It doesn’t look too good for waves today though. We’re on hold now and it looks like they will run some freestyle or slalom. Make sure you check out all the action on the PWA’s live TV and live ticker !


Red Sea Perfection


September has always been my favourite time of the year in Dahab. It's windy, windy and windy, hot - but bearable hot, and the water's at about 30 degrees.

Well this trip has all of it. Plus some extras, like lots of friends and some very special moments... But you will hear all about it soon, can't say anything right now!

I've been here for a week, it's been windy every single day and it doesn't look like it wants to stop! It's so good to be training full time. The guys here are ripping and I'm learning a lot with them out there! 2 more weeks to go, should get plenty of video footage by the end of this trip and edit a little clip.

My brother has been here for a week too, which was great fun. He improved his windsurfing a lot and is now the master of the catapult as you can see below! Haha. He's been doing a great job on the water as well as with the photos and videos. Thanks bro! The photos above are all his.

And all the pictures below were taken by Phil Richards. If you're in Dahab and wanna take back memories of your windsurfing holiday, make sure you go and see him, he's always around the Lagoon or Baby Bay taking pictures!


Elevate Girls Camp Holland


Awesome photo by Jasper van Overbeek, with all the girls of the Girls Camp in Holland, Brouwersdam, and the sick new 2011 Fanatic boards! See ya next year!


Holland - the Elevate Girls Camp & The Mission


I’m back from 10 awesome days in Brouwersdam, Holland, and finally collected a few pictures of both the Girls Camp and the Mission to write a little report.

Here's the story...

I got back from Greece, spent just enough time in Switzerland to wash my clothes, repack my boardbags, and ready to fly to Amsterdam.

With the plane jumping about like hell during the whole flight, I knew way before stepping out on Dutch land that the wind was on.

We got to Brouwersdam early enough on Sunday to squeeze in a quick session before the girls signed up for the camp would start arriving. I rigged up 4.2 and went out for a good freestyle session, the first proper windy day I’d had in quite a while. Good start in Holland!

All the girls slowly started to arrive and we got to meet each other around dinner.

There were 12 spaces for the week and all of them booked, perfect. The girls came mostly from Holland, but also from Switzerland, England and Norway. To make things even better, we had a special guest, Robin, to spend the week with us for some male support and local knowledge...

The week whole week went really well, it was windy pretty much the whole time and if it wasn’t quite windy enough to be planing, we were out on the water doing light wind freestyle. All the girls were doing amazing, spending hours and hours on the water every day, not scared of the cold, rain or putting back a cold and wet wetsuit after lunch! They were so motivated to train and learn as much as they could, really great to see!

I enjoyed that week a lot. It’s always so rewarding to see people come out of the water with happy faces and smiles on!

Then it was the weekend of the MISSION, 7th and final edition...

330 people signed up for the race – kids, boys, girls, men, women, everyone was there, ready to windsurf, race and just enjoy one more time the legendary Mission! The wind was perfect for racing. It just dropped as we were going out for the Battle of the Giants, the freestyle super session, but the jetski and 2 boats were ready to tow us so no worries!

The tow in was really good fun, going full power and throwing some moves in no wind. The show with Tonky and Gollito was simply unreal. Massive air funnels, burners, culos, I just felt like sitting on my board and watch! There will be videos coming out soon I'm sure, make sure you check them out!

Saturday night was also a very good one again. The place was absolutely packed! BBQ, then lottery with loads of sick prices to win - a 2011 Fanatic board, sail, boom, boardies, boardbags, and much more. Lots of people got spoilt there!

Then the night went on… awesome party, music and people!

On Sunday the racing kept going, another tow in freestyle session in the afternoon, the prize giving and another big lottery…

Yeah, it was such a good event again!!!! Well done Herman and everyone who was part of it and involved. Windsurfing definitely needs more events like the Mission!!!


Windy Holland!


We've been here in Brouwersdam for a couple of days now for the Elevate Girls Camp and it's been windy the whole time!

12 super motivated girls are taking part to the camp, windsurfing all day and going for it, and and it's real good fun to be here with them. The pictures are screen shots from the video of today, sorry about the quality. Will definitely get some good ones this week and keep you updated.

The forecast looks really promising for the whole week, all the way till the weekend. Looks like it's on for the Mission!

The Mission is happening this coming weekend and you really don't wanna miss it... Hope to see you all here!


Elevate Girls Camp Holland - 1 space left!


There's just 1 space left for the upcoming Elevate Girls Camp in Holland! If you have nothing planned from the 15th to the 20th of August and wish to enter, email us quick via the contact form on

The camp is opened to all the girls and ladies out there. It includes 5 days of windsurf instruction and accommodation for 5 nights with half board. Don't hesitate to drop me an email more information:


FLOW - For Ladies Of Windsurfing


FLOW - for ladies of windsurfing - - check out the new girls windsurfing website by Amy Carter!

It's great to see more and more ladies of all ages out on the water, whether they're having their first runs on a board, learning to plane, doing freestyle moves or ripping waves. More and more female windsurfers are also pushing the sport and bringing more girls into it with websites like FLOW, girls camps, and so on.

FLOW talks about windsurfing trips, windsurfing events, windsurfing people, spots, gear...  and much more. Make sure you go and check it out it's worth it!

Windsurfing is still way too often associated to the old school image of heavy boards and sails, not really the kind of sport ladies would get into... Well, it has changed so much over the last years, everyone can learn to windsurf nowadays, no need to be an athlete or a weight lifter. It's an amazing sport, and on top of being so much fun on the water, windsurfing gets people to travel, discover new places, meet new people... Windsurfing is more than a sport, it's a lifestyle.


New Coaching Weeks in Rhodes for this Summer!


Nothing planned for September yet? Feel like learning new moves or simply take your first steps on a windsurf board?

Check out the flyer below, you might be interested!

The Pro Center and I have planned 2 new coaching events for September 2010 in Rhodes: the "Trick Week" from the 6th to the 11th and the "Open Week" from the 13th to the 18th.

During the first one you will learn all the moves you wish, from carving to aerial freestyle. If you can use the harness and footstraps you're in!

The second one is open to everyone, with no minimum level required.

Both courses include 4 hours of tuition per day, with on water coaching, video analysis and theory sessions.

Price for the 6 day course: 195€

Price for 7 day rental at the Pro Center: 195€

Please contact me if you'd like more information about the coaching. Places are limited so be quick to book your week at!


Boards Magazine Interview


6 page interview in UK Boards Magazine, June 2010!


Coverage update


Funboard magazine, Italy, March 2010

Windsport, March 2010

Le Matin, Swiss newspaper, March 2010


Gran Canaria & Tenerife


What an awesome few weeks in the Canary islands!!!

From Lanzarote we headed back to Gran Canaria for the PWA Wave event in Pozo. The contest organization was nowhere near as good as the one in Lanzarote, but we still had a great time on the water. The first day of competition was totally glassy - pretty rare over there!!! - but a few of us went on a mission to find some conditions and were rewarded with a fun wave session up north. The day after the wind woke up and we were on! 3 days of competition on 3.4 and 3.0 for me, small waves but unreal action. It's almost as much fun to be riding as to be sitting and watching.

To get a bit of an idea of what's happening on the water there you should really have a look at the videos and photos of the event on the PWA website...

Once Pozo was over we jumped on the first ferry over to Tenerife. I thought Pozo was windy but what was waiting for us there reminded me what 3.0 weather really is!!! It was so good to get some good waves and spend hours out there till we couldn't hold onto our booms anymore. I absolutely loved it. We were a really good crew out there too, Si, Justin, Ben W., Ben S., Jaegger, etc...

Ben from the OTC - and all his staff - looked after us really well again, thanks guys! We'll be back soon!

I flew back to Switzerland yesterday. The sun is shining, it's hot, loads of fun stuff happening, just loving summer over here. And this weekend is gonna be BIG!!! It's the big Surf Shop Party in Préverenges: Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling, Wakeboarding, BBQ, Party... And plenty more cool stuff going on over the whole weekend. There's absolutely no good reason to miss it! We wanna see you all there for an awesome weekend at the beach. Check out the flyer above for details or go and visit the Surf Shop's website.

Or just simply get yourself down there to check it all out!!!

I'm actually off down there right now to help out set up the place and I'm sorry if the French version is in English... Really gotta go!!!


3rd place in Lanzarote


The first thing that needs to be said about this year's PWA event in Lanzarote is what a good job the organizers did there. Thanks guys for the awesome event!!!!

We managed to finish the single elimination and did everything to try and run the double, but unfortunately the wind decided otherwise and died before we could finish it. I kept my fingers crossed the whole time for the wind to kick in as I really wanted a chance to sail some heats and do better than 3rd... The wind was pretty light and I'm pretty comfortable sailing in such conditions, I think I could have done well. 3rd is ok though, can't complain!

That was our only freestyle girls event for this year unfortunately...So it means I'm 3rd overall in 2010 again. Man I so wanna get rid of this 3rd place and do better! 2011... :0)

The closing ceremony was one of the best ever, massive night followed by a long trip back to Gran Canaria. Nayra, Junko and I in a van so full that we couldn't fit a harness in there anymore. We are now in Pozo, the PWA wave event starts today. There's no wind at the moment unfortunately, but it's Pozo so I'm not too worried, pretty sure we'll get some over the next few days!

Great to see everyone again, really can't wait to go sailing here and watch everyone fly!!!


PWA Lanzarote!


There we are, in Lanzarote once again for the PWA freestyle event!

It's good to be back and see everyone, the level has again gone through the rood, everyone is ripping and it's just really good to see and sail with everyone!!!

I gotta be quick cause the café is about to close but we started today with the first single elimination today. My first heat went really well, I landed quite a few good moves. I was against Nayra who sailed very well too, so lucky I managed to stay calm and land my stuff. Then it was straight against Sarah-Quita, once again! always meeting her early on and making it really hard to go into the winner's final. But it was fun to sail with her, like always. We had a tricky heat with very gusty and light wind and I unfortunately didn't land many moves. Sarah sailed awesome - as usual - which made me go into the loser's final. The wind dropped after that so we'll keep going tomorrow. I'm against Junko next, see how it goes! Hopefully we'll have more eliminations and I'll manage to sail ok and get a good result...

The atmosphere this year is so good! Awesome dj on the beach, happy people and relaxed riders, really enjoying it.

More tomorrow!


From islands to islands


Once the Girls Camps in Rhodes were over I took the ferry for my next coaching stop: Kos.

It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the place. Kos is an amazing island full of character, colors and beautiful spots.

I was based at the Kefalos windsurfing and sailing center, right in the middle of Kefalos bay. If you're looking for a windy flat water spot and a chilled but professional windsurfing centre you can go straight there! For freestyle, freeride and slalom, or just for your first hours on a board, it's a really perfect place.

I ran two 3 day courses there and both went really well once again. Happy guests and lots of fun and improvement on the water.

Thanks to all my guests for making me enjoy the coaching so much and a big thank you to Jens, Ben and Charlie for their smile and the great job they do at the centre! I'll be back soon. And thanks Adonis for the pictures.

I flew back from Kefalos on Thursday night. Luckily my little brother was there to pick me up and handle the drive back in the early morning hours. I got a day and a half at home, just about enough time to wash my clothes and organize my boardbags, and it was time to go and check in again for my next destination, Gran Canaria.

It's Canarias time again, with the PWA freestyle event in Lanzarote starting next week, and the PWA wave event in Pozo from the 6th to the 9th of July.

Nayra picked me up from the airport a few hours ago and I'm now sitting at her place in Las Palmas. We just finished loading her van with all our stuff, ready to jump on the ferry tomorrow, off to Fuerte, then drive up north and grab another ferry and get to Lanzarote. And that's just the beginning of this summer story, the European road / island trip has started!

I will keep you posted on how it goes of course. The freestyle event starts on the 30th and the forecast looks alright. Fingers crossed this year will go better than last year! I'll do my best that's for sure. Trying to go there relaxed and to sail as good as while free sailing. And if I can do that it's a good start already...


Girls Camp Rhodes, 2nd Edition


Well, it looks like we'll have to run a 3rd edition in 2011!!!

I'm very happy about the way it all went. The atmosphere was great on and off the water as usual, lots of smiles and happy faces and everyone improved a lot.

I'd like to thank all the girls for making these events such good fun all the time, and everyone at the Pro Center for all their help and the great moments!!!

See you all soon.




I finally made it back after a really busy but awesome month in Dahab, Egypt.

4 weeks of coaching non stop with people from all over Europe, all kind of levels and ages. I'm really happy about the way it all went - good wind, happy people and lots of improvement from everyone. A big thank you to Planet Windsurfing and their Dahab crew, always helpful and great to work with. The whole trip was punctuated by quite a few unfortunate events too, like one of my client fracturing his tibia and fibular - we all wish you the best recovery Urs!! And lots of other things... So yeah, a very intense but good month in Egypt.

In the end I got stuck there with no flight, like lots of other people, and even though there are worse places to be stuck in, I could never relax properly and just enjoy my extra days there. I had to keep calling the airport every hour as the place could leave anytime - even at 4 o'clock in the morning. In the end they sent my plane to Vienna instead of Geneva, then put us on a bus from Vienna to Geneva. A nice small 15 hour journey across Austria and Switzerland... But I was going home so I didn't mind that much. I had already missed my only 2 days off at home and my first day at work...

I'm now working at Surf Shop Préverenges, my home spot, for a month. I will be looking after the whole place, the shop and the school, as Pierre-Yves - the owner - is away. The weather is perfect at the moment and I love being here at the lake. The season is starting guys and girls, so if you need a new board, sail, or anything from the shop, or you'd like some windsurfing lessons, Surf Shop Préverenges is where you'll find us! You can also just pass by to say hello, we've got good coffee and ice creams...

After that it'll be time to hit the road again, with first the Bonifacio Windsurf Freestyle Project, a freestyle contest in a paradise place, with sound systems, photo shoots and loads more (check out the poster), then 2 Girls Camps in Rhodos, followed by clinics in Kefalos, another Girls Camp in Holland and more to be confirmed. Check out the posters below for more info. Be quick to subscribe, we're running out of spaces!

It's gonna  be a busy and fun summer that's for sure!!

The pictures from Dahab are ©Marc Cheli. Thanks Marc!!


Elevate Girls Camp in Holland


On the 21st and 22nd of August 2010 there is the windsurfing event you can't miss out: the Mission. It takes place in Brouwersdam, Holland, and is one of the best windsurfing event I've been to, hands down.

And just before that, there's the event for all of you girls and ladies: the Elevate Girls Camp from the 15th to the 20th.

There's no level requirement, you're all welcome. So if you fancy windsurfing and improving loads thanks to professional tuition, and just having lots of fun because that's what windsurfing is all about, join us for this 5 days coaching program!

Check out the flyer above for more information (click on it to see it full size), or the clinic and coaching page for details about the tuition. And if you'd still like to know more about it, don't hesitate to contact me:

To subscribe email us via the contact form here

Be quick as places are limited!


Elevate Coaching Events in Dahab getting closer!


The first Elevate Coaching Events of 2010 are getting closer! There are still places available so if you fancy some all time flat water sailing in crystal clear water while learning and improving as much as you can email me and book your space! I will be there for a whole month and available for private or group coaching too beside the 2 events already organised.

Freeriders, freestylers or beginners you are all welcome, so email me for more info and to book your course:


More Elevate Coaching Events for 2010!


The Elevate Coaching Events program keeps growing with new destinations and fresh events, and this time we take you to another windy greek island: Kos.

The Kefalos Windsurfing Centre and I have come up with 2 new coaching events and look forward to seeing you on the water there!

The courses are opened to everyone and will take place from the 17th - 19th of June and from the 20th - 22nd of June 2010.

All the details are on the poster (please click on the image to make it bigger). We are more than happy to answer your questions, so please don't hesitate to contact me for any queries and bookings on

And check out for a little taste of what's waiting for you there!


Girls Camp Rhodes - 2nd Edition!


There we go, it's ON!

We all had such a great time during its first edition in 2009, we had no choice but do it all again. The Rhodos Pro Center and myself are happy to announce the 2nd Edition of the Girls Camp Rhodos, from the 31.5 to the 5.06.2010 and the 7.06 to the 12.06.2010.

(Please click on the flyer to make it bigger and read all about the camp)

The Girls Camp is opened to every girl / lady out there, there's no minimum level required. The spot offers perfect teaching conditions, with light winds in the morning for a gentle start, beginners and light wind freestyle, and planing conditions in the afternoon for some long fast runs, footstraps and harness, jumps, freestyle, whatever you like.

Everyone gets 4 hours of tuition everyday, which includes on water coaching, theory sessions and video analysis. You will learn everything you need and wish thanks to daily professional coaching, based on a comprehensive method which will get you to use balance and technique instead of strength. Windsurfing becomes easy!

It's the week to improve your skills and learn everything you always wanted to, or just have your first steps on a windsurf board. In any case you will windsurf as much as you like, and have an awesome time on and off the water.

Beside the windsurfing, there are lots of activities organised in the evenings, like a dinner in a Greek tavern, a Surfer's Party and BBQ. All of these, plus the 6 days of windsurfing rental and coaching are included in the price of €390.-

Places are limited so make sure you book your week soon!

For more info about the coaching please contact me:

For reservations please email:


First 2010 Elevate Coaching Weeks!


Come and join us for a week - or 2 - of pro tuition and epic windsurfing!

The first event of my 2010 coaching program will take place in Dahab, at the Planet Windsurfing centre.

As usual, the coaching includes on water coaching for live and personalized tips and demos, video analysis for better movements and progress visualisation, and theory sessions about everything you need to know, from movements break down to equipment trimming.

Everyone is welcome, there's no minimum level required. Whether you'd like to do your first steps on a board or want to nail a new move, Dahab is the perfect flat water spot for everyone. The courses are based at Planet Windsurfing, which has one of the best locations on the beach and offers the latest Fanatic and North equipment, and is run by a very helpful and friendly staff.

You will get a minimum of 4 hours of tuition everyday.

Places are limited which means everyone gets quality coaching the whole week. It also means you better be quick and book now!

The price for the 6 day course is €240.-

Please contact me for bookings or more details about the courses:

For equipment rental please contact

Private coaching is also available on request from the 3rd of April onwards.


Esperance - we scored big time!


All by myself :0)

With the whole West Coast about the get troughed out and boiling hot for the weekend, the only chance to get some sailing was to drive down south.

Esperance looked like it would be on for a couple of days. It's a long drive for just a weekend, but could be well worth it...

The car loaded and an overnight drive later we reached the amazing south coast with its endless white beaches and crystal clear water. We had a bit of a look around and when we reached Observatory, there was definitely some good swell and even a light cross offshore breeze to go with it.

We went out early, just about wobbling out - and getting nailed under the big sets. The waves were so clean and glassy, it was perfect! And it was only the few of us out there.

The swell picked up during the day, some big mast high sets were rolling in. My adrenaline level was pretty high up the whole time, trying to make it out without getting smashed under these walls - and chicken tacking more than once too.

Sunday was similar. I went out early and had it to myself for an hour. The waves were a bit smaller than the previous afternoon but so clean and perfect again! Then it got bigger again, and windier too.

The guys were going off, hitting anything as hard as they could, it was awesome to see.

We drove back on Sunday night, completely knackered but stoked!

I'm now sitting in front of my computer and it's boiling hot. Yesterday was the hottest day in Perth in 3 years! So yeah, it is HOT. Looking good for a bit of seabreeze from tomorrow onwards though, will keep you posted.

Ben S.
Ben W.
Ben S. & Dany
Ben W.


The 2010 Lancelin Ocean Classic


South Passage
Ledge to Lancelin

As expected, the Lancelin Ocean Classic was once again an epic weekend!!!

It's this weekend of the year that no one wants to miss. Everyone rocks up and know it's gonna be good. The sailing, the socializing and catching up with everyone, the well known messy nights... It was all there and everyone had a wicked time.

Both the wave contest and the downwind race could be run in awesome conditions.

We started with the wave contest on Thursday with small waves and light wind. They ran a couple of the amateur heats, as well as the girls and juniors.

Friday was the day though. A good swell hit the coast, the waves at South Passage were lining up perfectly and because of the light wind they remained clean the whole day. I've sailed there a fair bit but rarely had it this good and clean.

Everyone was out there and ripping. They ran the pro fleet, with lots of big names there fighting for the 1st place. Ben Severne won it in the end - no wonder considering how sick he's sailing.

I won the girls and Kenza finished 2nd. Well it was either 1st or 2nd as it was just the 2 of us... Haha. So, girls, next year I wanna see you all out there! It is such a fun event, there's nothing to worry about except riding good waves and having fun. I know there's quite a few of you around, so next year I hope you'll all join in!

On Saturday the biggest downwind race in the world started: the Ledge to Lancelin race. Over 200 people joined in and the whole beach was covered with sails. The start was the most fun: it's a beach start so everyone runs into the water as soon as the start flag is up and it gets pretty messy. Peter Volwater won the pros and Karin Jaggi the women's.

Regarding Satruday night... keeping up with its reputation!

The whole event was once again so well organized. Not only the race and contest, but also all the side activities, the media coverage, and everything that makes the Ocean Classic what it is. A massive thanks to everyone involved for doing such an awesome job!

All the amazing pictures were taken by John Carter.

Can't wait for next year!!


Media Coverage 09 - Update


Here are the main articles/interviews/pictures that have been published throughout 2009. Got a few front covers, full and double pages this year. There are more small pictures but it would take too much space to upload them.

Thanks to Nayra and John at Mixd Services for doing a great job of going through all the mags and sending to each rider their coverage!


Short video clip by Reflex Films


A couple of moves filmed by Matt Holder at Pelican Point on the 1st day of this year...


Nowhere I'd rather be!


Just a short update from West Oz.

We've been sailing a fair bit the last couple of weeks, whether here in Perth or in Lancelin and Geraldton, and it's been really good fun. There's been lots of driving involved in order to find waves and be at the right place at the right time, including hot 4x4 trips and sandy nights in the dunes, but all well worth it!

So it's been full on, with stuff happening all the time. And it's not over: the epic Lancelin Ocean Classic is starting on Thursday!!!

I can't wait, it's one of the best event ever - actually my favourite event of the year. The wave contest starts on Thursday till Friday, and the ledge to Lancelin downwind race will take place on Saturday. Big weekend ahead! Go and check

Sorry for the lack of action pictures, not easy to get someone to stand on the beach when it's good... :0)

So yeah, really there's nowhere else I'd rather be.

The beast, ready to hit the road. Or more like the dunes.
There WILL be waves at the end of the track...
Tom the fisherman
Little New Year's party at ours
My little mate living in our tree

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