First 2010 Elevate Coaching Weeks!


Come and join us for a week - or 2 - of pro tuition and epic windsurfing!

The first event of my 2010 coaching program will take place in Dahab, at the Planet Windsurfing centre.

As usual, the coaching includes on water coaching for live and personalized tips and demos, video analysis for better movements and progress visualisation, and theory sessions about everything you need to know, from movements break down to equipment trimming.

Everyone is welcome, there's no minimum level required. Whether you'd like to do your first steps on a board or want to nail a new move, Dahab is the perfect flat water spot for everyone. The courses are based at Planet Windsurfing, which has one of the best locations on the beach and offers the latest Fanatic and North equipment, and is run by a very helpful and friendly staff.

You will get a minimum of 4 hours of tuition everyday.

Places are limited which means everyone gets quality coaching the whole week. It also means you better be quick and book now!

The price for the 6 day course is €240.-

Please contact me for bookings or more details about the courses:

For equipment rental please contact

Private coaching is also available on request from the 3rd of April onwards.


Esperance - we scored big time!


All by myself :0)

With the whole West Coast about the get troughed out and boiling hot for the weekend, the only chance to get some sailing was to drive down south.

Esperance looked like it would be on for a couple of days. It's a long drive for just a weekend, but could be well worth it...

The car loaded and an overnight drive later we reached the amazing south coast with its endless white beaches and crystal clear water. We had a bit of a look around and when we reached Observatory, there was definitely some good swell and even a light cross offshore breeze to go with it.

We went out early, just about wobbling out - and getting nailed under the big sets. The waves were so clean and glassy, it was perfect! And it was only the few of us out there.

The swell picked up during the day, some big mast high sets were rolling in. My adrenaline level was pretty high up the whole time, trying to make it out without getting smashed under these walls - and chicken tacking more than once too.

Sunday was similar. I went out early and had it to myself for an hour. The waves were a bit smaller than the previous afternoon but so clean and perfect again! Then it got bigger again, and windier too.

The guys were going off, hitting anything as hard as they could, it was awesome to see.

We drove back on Sunday night, completely knackered but stoked!

I'm now sitting in front of my computer and it's boiling hot. Yesterday was the hottest day in Perth in 3 years! So yeah, it is HOT. Looking good for a bit of seabreeze from tomorrow onwards though, will keep you posted.

Ben S.
Ben W.
Ben S. & Dany
Ben W.


The 2010 Lancelin Ocean Classic


South Passage
Ledge to Lancelin

As expected, the Lancelin Ocean Classic was once again an epic weekend!!!

It's this weekend of the year that no one wants to miss. Everyone rocks up and know it's gonna be good. The sailing, the socializing and catching up with everyone, the well known messy nights... It was all there and everyone had a wicked time.

Both the wave contest and the downwind race could be run in awesome conditions.

We started with the wave contest on Thursday with small waves and light wind. They ran a couple of the amateur heats, as well as the girls and juniors.

Friday was the day though. A good swell hit the coast, the waves at South Passage were lining up perfectly and because of the light wind they remained clean the whole day. I've sailed there a fair bit but rarely had it this good and clean.

Everyone was out there and ripping. They ran the pro fleet, with lots of big names there fighting for the 1st place. Ben Severne won it in the end - no wonder considering how sick he's sailing.

I won the girls and Kenza finished 2nd. Well it was either 1st or 2nd as it was just the 2 of us... Haha. So, girls, next year I wanna see you all out there! It is such a fun event, there's nothing to worry about except riding good waves and having fun. I know there's quite a few of you around, so next year I hope you'll all join in!

On Saturday the biggest downwind race in the world started: the Ledge to Lancelin race. Over 200 people joined in and the whole beach was covered with sails. The start was the most fun: it's a beach start so everyone runs into the water as soon as the start flag is up and it gets pretty messy. Peter Volwater won the pros and Karin Jaggi the women's.

Regarding Satruday night... keeping up with its reputation!

The whole event was once again so well organized. Not only the race and contest, but also all the side activities, the media coverage, and everything that makes the Ocean Classic what it is. A massive thanks to everyone involved for doing such an awesome job!

All the amazing pictures were taken by John Carter.

Can't wait for next year!!


Media Coverage 09 - Update


Here are the main articles/interviews/pictures that have been published throughout 2009. Got a few front covers, full and double pages this year. There are more small pictures but it would take too much space to upload them.

Thanks to Nayra and John at Mixd Services for doing a great job of going through all the mags and sending to each rider their coverage!


Short video clip by Reflex Films


A couple of moves filmed by Matt Holder at Pelican Point on the 1st day of this year...


Nowhere I'd rather be!


Just a short update from West Oz.

We've been sailing a fair bit the last couple of weeks, whether here in Perth or in Lancelin and Geraldton, and it's been really good fun. There's been lots of driving involved in order to find waves and be at the right place at the right time, including hot 4x4 trips and sandy nights in the dunes, but all well worth it!

So it's been full on, with stuff happening all the time. And it's not over: the epic Lancelin Ocean Classic is starting on Thursday!!!

I can't wait, it's one of the best event ever - actually my favourite event of the year. The wave contest starts on Thursday till Friday, and the ledge to Lancelin downwind race will take place on Saturday. Big weekend ahead! Go and check

Sorry for the lack of action pictures, not easy to get someone to stand on the beach when it's good... :0)

So yeah, really there's nowhere else I'd rather be.

The beast, ready to hit the road. Or more like the dunes.
There WILL be waves at the end of the track...
Tom the fisherman
Little New Year's party at ours
My little mate living in our tree

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