Esperance - we scored big time!


All by myself :0)

With the whole West Coast about the get troughed out and boiling hot for the weekend, the only chance to get some sailing was to drive down south.

Esperance looked like it would be on for a couple of days. It's a long drive for just a weekend, but could be well worth it...

The car loaded and an overnight drive later we reached the amazing south coast with its endless white beaches and crystal clear water. We had a bit of a look around and when we reached Observatory, there was definitely some good swell and even a light cross offshore breeze to go with it.

We went out early, just about wobbling out - and getting nailed under the big sets. The waves were so clean and glassy, it was perfect! And it was only the few of us out there.

The swell picked up during the day, some big mast high sets were rolling in. My adrenaline level was pretty high up the whole time, trying to make it out without getting smashed under these walls - and chicken tacking more than once too.

Sunday was similar. I went out early and had it to myself for an hour. The waves were a bit smaller than the previous afternoon but so clean and perfect again! Then it got bigger again, and windier too.

The guys were going off, hitting anything as hard as they could, it was awesome to see.

We drove back on Sunday night, completely knackered but stoked!

I'm now sitting in front of my computer and it's boiling hot. Yesterday was the hottest day in Perth in 3 years! So yeah, it is HOT. Looking good for a bit of seabreeze from tomorrow onwards though, will keep you posted.

Ben S.
Ben W.
Ben S. & Dany
Ben W.

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