Nowhere I'd rather be!


Just a short update from West Oz.

We've been sailing a fair bit the last couple of weeks, whether here in Perth or in Lancelin and Geraldton, and it's been really good fun. There's been lots of driving involved in order to find waves and be at the right place at the right time, including hot 4x4 trips and sandy nights in the dunes, but all well worth it!

So it's been full on, with stuff happening all the time. And it's not over: the epic Lancelin Ocean Classic is starting on Thursday!!!

I can't wait, it's one of the best event ever - actually my favourite event of the year. The wave contest starts on Thursday till Friday, and the ledge to Lancelin downwind race will take place on Saturday. Big weekend ahead! Go and check

Sorry for the lack of action pictures, not easy to get someone to stand on the beach when it's good... :0)

So yeah, really there's nowhere else I'd rather be.

The beast, ready to hit the road. Or more like the dunes.
There WILL be waves at the end of the track...
Tom the fisherman
Little New Year's party at ours
My little mate living in our tree

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