I finally made it back after a really busy but awesome month in Dahab, Egypt.

4 weeks of coaching non stop with people from all over Europe, all kind of levels and ages. I'm really happy about the way it all went - good wind, happy people and lots of improvement from everyone. A big thank you to Planet Windsurfing and their Dahab crew, always helpful and great to work with. The whole trip was punctuated by quite a few unfortunate events too, like one of my client fracturing his tibia and fibular - we all wish you the best recovery Urs!! And lots of other things... So yeah, a very intense but good month in Egypt.

In the end I got stuck there with no flight, like lots of other people, and even though there are worse places to be stuck in, I could never relax properly and just enjoy my extra days there. I had to keep calling the airport every hour as the place could leave anytime - even at 4 o'clock in the morning. In the end they sent my plane to Vienna instead of Geneva, then put us on a bus from Vienna to Geneva. A nice small 15 hour journey across Austria and Switzerland... But I was going home so I didn't mind that much. I had already missed my only 2 days off at home and my first day at work...

I'm now working at Surf Shop Préverenges, my home spot, for a month. I will be looking after the whole place, the shop and the school, as Pierre-Yves - the owner - is away. The weather is perfect at the moment and I love being here at the lake. The season is starting guys and girls, so if you need a new board, sail, or anything from the shop, or you'd like some windsurfing lessons, Surf Shop Préverenges is where you'll find us! You can also just pass by to say hello, we've got good coffee and ice creams...

After that it'll be time to hit the road again, with first the Bonifacio Windsurf Freestyle Project, a freestyle contest in a paradise place, with sound systems, photo shoots and loads more (check out the poster), then 2 Girls Camps in Rhodos, followed by clinics in Kefalos, another Girls Camp in Holland and more to be confirmed. Check out the posters below for more info. Be quick to subscribe, we're running out of spaces!

It's gonna  be a busy and fun summer that's for sure!!

The pictures from Dahab are ©Marc Cheli. Thanks Marc!!

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