From islands to islands


Once the Girls Camps in Rhodes were over I took the ferry for my next coaching stop: Kos.

It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the place. Kos is an amazing island full of character, colors and beautiful spots.

I was based at the Kefalos windsurfing and sailing center, right in the middle of Kefalos bay. If you're looking for a windy flat water spot and a chilled but professional windsurfing centre you can go straight there! For freestyle, freeride and slalom, or just for your first hours on a board, it's a really perfect place.

I ran two 3 day courses there and both went really well once again. Happy guests and lots of fun and improvement on the water.

Thanks to all my guests for making me enjoy the coaching so much and a big thank you to Jens, Ben and Charlie for their smile and the great job they do at the centre! I'll be back soon. And thanks Adonis for the pictures.

I flew back from Kefalos on Thursday night. Luckily my little brother was there to pick me up and handle the drive back in the early morning hours. I got a day and a half at home, just about enough time to wash my clothes and organize my boardbags, and it was time to go and check in again for my next destination, Gran Canaria.

It's Canarias time again, with the PWA freestyle event in Lanzarote starting next week, and the PWA wave event in Pozo from the 6th to the 9th of July.

Nayra picked me up from the airport a few hours ago and I'm now sitting at her place in Las Palmas. We just finished loading her van with all our stuff, ready to jump on the ferry tomorrow, off to Fuerte, then drive up north and grab another ferry and get to Lanzarote. And that's just the beginning of this summer story, the European road / island trip has started!

I will keep you posted on how it goes of course. The freestyle event starts on the 30th and the forecast looks alright. Fingers crossed this year will go better than last year! I'll do my best that's for sure. Trying to go there relaxed and to sail as good as while free sailing. And if I can do that it's a good start already...

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