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FLOW - for ladies of windsurfing - - check out the new girls windsurfing website by Amy Carter!

It's great to see more and more ladies of all ages out on the water, whether they're having their first runs on a board, learning to plane, doing freestyle moves or ripping waves. More and more female windsurfers are also pushing the sport and bringing more girls into it with websites like FLOW, girls camps, and so on.

FLOW talks about windsurfing trips, windsurfing events, windsurfing people, spots, gear...  and much more. Make sure you go and check it out it's worth it!

Windsurfing is still way too often associated to the old school image of heavy boards and sails, not really the kind of sport ladies would get into... Well, it has changed so much over the last years, everyone can learn to windsurf nowadays, no need to be an athlete or a weight lifter. It's an amazing sport, and on top of being so much fun on the water, windsurfing gets people to travel, discover new places, meet new people... Windsurfing is more than a sport, it's a lifestyle.


New Coaching Weeks in Rhodes for this Summer!


Nothing planned for September yet? Feel like learning new moves or simply take your first steps on a windsurf board?

Check out the flyer below, you might be interested!

The Pro Center and I have planned 2 new coaching events for September 2010 in Rhodes: the "Trick Week" from the 6th to the 11th and the "Open Week" from the 13th to the 18th.

During the first one you will learn all the moves you wish, from carving to aerial freestyle. If you can use the harness and footstraps you're in!

The second one is open to everyone, with no minimum level required.

Both courses include 4 hours of tuition per day, with on water coaching, video analysis and theory sessions.

Price for the 6 day course: 195€

Price for 7 day rental at the Pro Center: 195€

Please contact me if you'd like more information about the coaching. Places are limited so be quick to book your week at!


Boards Magazine Interview


6 page interview in UK Boards Magazine, June 2010!


Coverage update


Funboard magazine, Italy, March 2010

Windsport, March 2010

Le Matin, Swiss newspaper, March 2010


Gran Canaria & Tenerife


What an awesome few weeks in the Canary islands!!!

From Lanzarote we headed back to Gran Canaria for the PWA Wave event in Pozo. The contest organization was nowhere near as good as the one in Lanzarote, but we still had a great time on the water. The first day of competition was totally glassy - pretty rare over there!!! - but a few of us went on a mission to find some conditions and were rewarded with a fun wave session up north. The day after the wind woke up and we were on! 3 days of competition on 3.4 and 3.0 for me, small waves but unreal action. It's almost as much fun to be riding as to be sitting and watching.

To get a bit of an idea of what's happening on the water there you should really have a look at the videos and photos of the event on the PWA website...

Once Pozo was over we jumped on the first ferry over to Tenerife. I thought Pozo was windy but what was waiting for us there reminded me what 3.0 weather really is!!! It was so good to get some good waves and spend hours out there till we couldn't hold onto our booms anymore. I absolutely loved it. We were a really good crew out there too, Si, Justin, Ben W., Ben S., Jaegger, etc...

Ben from the OTC - and all his staff - looked after us really well again, thanks guys! We'll be back soon!

I flew back to Switzerland yesterday. The sun is shining, it's hot, loads of fun stuff happening, just loving summer over here. And this weekend is gonna be BIG!!! It's the big Surf Shop Party in Préverenges: Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddling, Wakeboarding, BBQ, Party... And plenty more cool stuff going on over the whole weekend. There's absolutely no good reason to miss it! We wanna see you all there for an awesome weekend at the beach. Check out the flyer above for details or go and visit the Surf Shop's website.

Or just simply get yourself down there to check it all out!!!

I'm actually off down there right now to help out set up the place and I'm sorry if the French version is in English... Really gotta go!!!


3rd place in Lanzarote


The first thing that needs to be said about this year's PWA event in Lanzarote is what a good job the organizers did there. Thanks guys for the awesome event!!!!

We managed to finish the single elimination and did everything to try and run the double, but unfortunately the wind decided otherwise and died before we could finish it. I kept my fingers crossed the whole time for the wind to kick in as I really wanted a chance to sail some heats and do better than 3rd... The wind was pretty light and I'm pretty comfortable sailing in such conditions, I think I could have done well. 3rd is ok though, can't complain!

That was our only freestyle girls event for this year unfortunately...So it means I'm 3rd overall in 2010 again. Man I so wanna get rid of this 3rd place and do better! 2011... :0)

The closing ceremony was one of the best ever, massive night followed by a long trip back to Gran Canaria. Nayra, Junko and I in a van so full that we couldn't fit a harness in there anymore. We are now in Pozo, the PWA wave event starts today. There's no wind at the moment unfortunately, but it's Pozo so I'm not too worried, pretty sure we'll get some over the next few days!

Great to see everyone again, really can't wait to go sailing here and watch everyone fly!!!


PWA Lanzarote!


There we are, in Lanzarote once again for the PWA freestyle event!

It's good to be back and see everyone, the level has again gone through the rood, everyone is ripping and it's just really good to see and sail with everyone!!!

I gotta be quick cause the café is about to close but we started today with the first single elimination today. My first heat went really well, I landed quite a few good moves. I was against Nayra who sailed very well too, so lucky I managed to stay calm and land my stuff. Then it was straight against Sarah-Quita, once again! always meeting her early on and making it really hard to go into the winner's final. But it was fun to sail with her, like always. We had a tricky heat with very gusty and light wind and I unfortunately didn't land many moves. Sarah sailed awesome - as usual - which made me go into the loser's final. The wind dropped after that so we'll keep going tomorrow. I'm against Junko next, see how it goes! Hopefully we'll have more eliminations and I'll manage to sail ok and get a good result...

The atmosphere this year is so good! Awesome dj on the beach, happy people and relaxed riders, really enjoying it.

More tomorrow!

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