3rd place in Lanzarote


The first thing that needs to be said about this year's PWA event in Lanzarote is what a good job the organizers did there. Thanks guys for the awesome event!!!!

We managed to finish the single elimination and did everything to try and run the double, but unfortunately the wind decided otherwise and died before we could finish it. I kept my fingers crossed the whole time for the wind to kick in as I really wanted a chance to sail some heats and do better than 3rd... The wind was pretty light and I'm pretty comfortable sailing in such conditions, I think I could have done well. 3rd is ok though, can't complain!

That was our only freestyle girls event for this year unfortunately...So it means I'm 3rd overall in 2010 again. Man I so wanna get rid of this 3rd place and do better! 2011... :0)

The closing ceremony was one of the best ever, massive night followed by a long trip back to Gran Canaria. Nayra, Junko and I in a van so full that we couldn't fit a harness in there anymore. We are now in Pozo, the PWA wave event starts today. There's no wind at the moment unfortunately, but it's Pozo so I'm not too worried, pretty sure we'll get some over the next few days!

Great to see everyone again, really can't wait to go sailing here and watch everyone fly!!!

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