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A lot happened since the last update…

The Red Sea perfection kept going till the end of the trip. 3 perfect weeks in Dahab, wind everyday for 3.7 and 4.2, lots of friends out, new moves, happy day. The prefect freestyle trip !

We got a lot of footage from there, video and photos. I am editing a little video clip and will post it soon. All the photos were taken by Jérôme Treboux - thank you little brother!!!

Mr Pov!
Dieter sw kono

Flew home on Sunday morning – had the most stunning flight over the snowy Swiss Alps, aaaah home sweet home ! - and on Tuesday drove to Luzern for the customer event of my new sponsor, SISA, where I had to do a presentation about my life as a pro windsurfer, speak in a microphone -on stage - in front of a crowd - with a powerpoint presentation… Been nervous about it for 2 weeks!!!

It went well in the end, and I think a lot of people who would never have heard about windsurfing otherwise got a good idea about our amazing sport and who knows, might event give it a go !

It was an interesting day and good experience. My favorite part was Eliana Burki playing jazz and blues tunes with an alphorn! It sounded awesome, never expected something like that!

looking pretty stressed haha!
funky alphorn!

Spent Wednesday sorting my stuff out, packing my boardbags and on Thursday I was off again, this time more towards the northern part of the world : Sylt.

The yearly massive Sylt PWA event is on, it started with registration yesterday and will go on till the 3rd of October.

There’s waves for both men and women, freestyle men and slalom men, so everyone is here and it’s really good to see them all.

We were down here really early this morning - I carried my board down the beach with the moon shining over my head -  as skipper’s was at 7.15 with the first possible start at 7.30.

It doesn’t look too good for waves today though. We’re on hold now and it looks like they will run some freestyle or slalom. Make sure you check out all the action on the PWA’s live TV and live ticker !

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