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Autographe session at the North and Fanatic tent
The top 4

We're still in Sylt, Germany, for the Colgate PWA World Cup starring men and women's wave and men's freestyle and slalom. The event is huge as usual, with massive crowds watching the action, lots of tents and stuff happening. So far they managed to run a freestyle single elimination. Gollito won, Taty's 2nd, Steven 3rd and Kiri 4th. The wind was really light and the heats had to be extended to 12 minutes to make sure there would be enough gusts coming through for the guys to nail enough moves. And although the conditions were really tough they were landing sick moves.

The wind's still light today but just enough to run the slalom. You can watch all the action live and read the live ticker thanks to the new feature on, the PWA TV! Plus you can gps track all the racers by following this link

It doesn't look like we'll get any wave action today, but hopefully the wind and swell will pick up soon!

Will keep you posted.

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opening ceremony
Boujmaa ripping
German style

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