Red Sea Perfection


September has always been my favourite time of the year in Dahab. It's windy, windy and windy, hot - but bearable hot, and the water's at about 30 degrees.

Well this trip has all of it. Plus some extras, like lots of friends and some very special moments... But you will hear all about it soon, can't say anything right now!

I've been here for a week, it's been windy every single day and it doesn't look like it wants to stop! It's so good to be training full time. The guys here are ripping and I'm learning a lot with them out there! 2 more weeks to go, should get plenty of video footage by the end of this trip and edit a little clip.

My brother has been here for a week too, which was great fun. He improved his windsurfing a lot and is now the master of the catapult as you can see below! Haha. He's been doing a great job on the water as well as with the photos and videos. Thanks bro! The photos above are all his.

And all the pictures below were taken by Phil Richards. If you're in Dahab and wanna take back memories of your windsurfing holiday, make sure you go and see him, he's always around the Lagoon or Baby Bay taking pictures!

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