MB Fins - New fin sponsor!


2011 has started off really well in many aspects. One of them was definitely MB Fins signing me in their team!

I'm really stoked and proud to be riding with such sick fins and be part of the MB Fins family. These guys know what they're talking about, love what they do and are constantly innovating, creating and coming up with new concepts. Anyone who knows them and/or have tried their fins would agree.

MB Fins has a complete range of fins, whether into formula, slalom, freeride, wave or freestyle, anything you need they'll have it. Just go and check out their website for an overview of their products, their team and all the info you'll need.

At the moment I've got the F-style 16cm in my Skate 90 and a set of Twinzer 15cm in my Twin 72. They're fast, have grip when I want them to, and release and slide when I decide for them to do so.

But better than words, if you haven't tried them yet, just go and get yourself one! You'll see what I mean...

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