End of tour season, start of Australian summer


It smells like the end of the season...
Sarah-Quita 1st, Laure 2nd, Yoli 3rd
PWA riders

Another season on the PWA Tour just ended. A great one that I will remember all my life. I enjoyed every moment of it, loved the new events and places we went to, I am stoked with my results, and gonna miss everyone.

I am PWA Freestyle Vice-World Champion 2011, and finished 6th in the waves. I'm really happy about how the freestyle events went - made it to every single final of all the eliminations this year. Hopefully one day I will win one too, that would be good... Sarah-Quita has been ripping like she always does though, she remains unbeaten for years now. She's such a big inspiration, just by being herself in general, and by pushing the women's freestyle level so high. I enjoyed sailing with her so much during this whole season, gonna train hard over the next few months to keep up!

I'm also super happy with my 5th place in Tenerife. I managed to do well there because the waves were good and riding was what was scoring most. Gotta go on a jumping mission this winter to do better in the other events like Pozo now.

I am now home for a few days, getting ready for heading back to Australia. There's always so much to do, I wish the year was longer so I could have a bit more time for everything! Still finding the time to see friends and family though. Precious and very much needed moments. Although it's October, it was still summer until yesterday, warm enough to go out on the lake with a bunch of mates and wakesurf until dark. Perfect.

Right, I'm off to pack my boardbags, will keep you posted from WA!

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