Perfect waves, ION and coverage.


Here's my amazing excuse for:

1. the lack of update recently and

2. the lack of action footage

I got back to Perth 3 weeks ago. It's just so good to be back and to know another amazing Australian summer's awaiting. We hit the road pretty much straight after I arrived and drove north. The forecast was promising with big swell, a bit of seabreeze and some good morning surf. And that's exactly what happened - we surfed and windsurfed all day, every day, in perfect conditions. So for the lack of footage: we just couldn't just sit and watch, too busy making the most out of it all. To be honest, we thought about it on the way up, planning to make a little video clip out of our road trip, but once there we completely forgot about it... And for the lack of update: well too busy again and no internet.

More good news is that I've got a new sponsor, ION!!! They will be supporting me with their awesome wetsuits, harnesses, clothes and all the other accessories that I'd possibly need. I just got a big box from them full of presents and went straight out for en early freestyle this morning to try my new Trinity overknee wetsuit and Relay harness. They're super comfy, warm and stretchy. Awesome.

Below is a nice article published 2 weeks ago in a Swiss newspaper, "Journal de Morges".

We've had a few sails around here too. Lano's been good a couple of times, had a bit of freestyle in Perth, been cruising around on my new sick skateboard and just enjoying life in WA.

Big swell hitting the coast
Letting down some tyre air before hitting the dirt road...
Some of my new ION stuff
Sunset in Gero
The view when waking up
My new Chromantic skateboard. Pressie from my amazing boyfriend.
Si's checking out the surf

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