Styling week and bruises


Kono into the beach
Another few hundred km's added to the van's life
1h grubby
Easterly morning freestyle in Perth
Chilling in the shade between sessions
That was a weekend filled with driving, good times camping with mates, and SICK freestyling - best I've had in a long time. Just not as much wave sailing as we were hoping for...

It's been windy lately. Pretty much every day. I have been freestyling a lot on the river here in Perth last week and the week before. Seabreeze, easterly, westerly, we've had all sorts of wind directions and conditions and it's been loads of fun.

Then the forecast for the weekend looked promising for up north. Everyone got super excited and we all drove up to Geraldton, expecting an epic weekend of wind and waves. Our excitement and expectations must have killed it though as it never really happened...
The good thing though when you wave sail AND freestyle, is that even if the wind and waves are dodgy you can always get the freestyle board out and find some fun. That's what we did. Dieter (Van Der Eyken) was up there too and we had a really sick freestyle day. Coro's is so good for freestyle, you get all kind of conditions in one spot: little steep ramps, bigger ramps, flat, choppy, it's all there. Dieter's on fire, going massive, and it's great to train with him, I learn a lot and go for all sorts of moves a lot more. I also get covered in bruises, but that's ok, pain is only temporary as they say...

There's a wicked bunch of people around at the moment. Hopefully we get more swell soon, but in the meantime I'm happy training freestyle. Day off today, no wind, then good again tomorrow.

Loving my ION poncho
Dany, Justyna and Proffitt.
 Wake surfing fun
Camp Fire

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