Perth cruising & Gunfire Images


Beno from Gunfire Images sent me a few shots he took on the Saturday of our last run up to Coro's. He takes his jetski for a spin and shoots. And gets really good shots. I love the colors and style of them. Thanks mate!
That Saturday was so much. AsĀ  mentioned it in the last news, it was a bit of a freestyle heaven. The late session especially was really good. The wind had picked up, the ramps were steeper, and we sailed until dark, until too dark to spot the chop and ramps. The sky was on fire, reflecting on the sea, and everything went pink and all kind of colors. Amazing.

Since then we've been around Perth, enjoying home, freestyling at Woodie's and on the river, surfing a bit, and cruising around. There won't be much happening windsurfing-wise for another couple of days but there is a bit of surfing going on which is perfectly fine by me! We've just been out for a late paddle to cool off and the surf was actually good fun, unexpectedly.

Yep, there are worse ways of ending the day.

Nowhere I'd rather be.

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