Dahab - here we are again!


After a nice and busy month at home in Switzerland, I'm back into freestyle training mode.

As usual it's great to be back in Dahab and see everyone again.

Got straight back into it with 3 super windy days right at the start, followed by 3 days of nothing. Considering the level of soreness it isn't that bad actually! Using this quiet time to get my little sister back into windsurfing, go on snorkeling and camel expeditions, and do everything I haven't had time to do over the last weeks.

The wind is meant to pick up tomorrow again. I'm definitely ready to get out there again and work on some new moves! As usual when I come back out here all the guys have improved heaps. It's really good to be out there with them and learn from them.

Will keep you updated with photos and hopefully some video clips soon.

PS: for those who'd like to sign up for the coaching weeks in Holland this summer (see news below and flyer above for more details), be quick to do so as it's filling up really quickly!

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