1st day of the PWA contest in Bonaire!


the view from our room...
the march down to the beach
The Bonaire local stars

Today's been a really good day here in Bonaire. The wind has been good all day and we started competing straight after the registration.

The action out there was insane, everyone ripping and throwing some unreal moves. One of my favourite amongst many was I think Kiri's flying grubby into ponch. On dead flat water. Incredible.

I'm very happy with the heats I sailed. I managed to put together some good ones all the way until the final against Sarah. Even that one was really close! I'm sitting on 2nd place now. That was just the first single elimination though. The wind looks like it's willing to stay for the whole time which means we will be able to run at least 2 or even 3 double elimination. So still a long way to go, but it definitely started well and I will do everything to keep it this way!

The opening ceremony was really cool. As you can see on the pictures lots of people joined in. People singing, playing music, dancing, there was also a big march down to the beach, even bikies on their Harley and all sorts of pimp bikes joined in. Even the usual opening ceremony speech was replaced by a guy rapping on stage - perfect. The atmosphere here is just great, everyone is so friendly and happy, I'm loving the island life!

Opening ceremony
Opening ceremony - no long speech, just a guy rapping! perfect
Sarah loving it

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