Day 3 in Aruba and a 2nd place!


switch kono
top 4 girls and guys
shove it spock

The wind kicked in properly today and we managed to complete the first single elimination of the event here in Aruba. I started with a sick first heat, landing all the best moves I can do. I then sailed against Yoli and had an ok heat, landing a shove it spock, switch kono, and so on, and advanced into the final with Sarah-Quita again. That heat was hard work. We had so much wake coming from all direction from the boats that we had some runs where it was just impossible to throw a move. The wind had picked up loads by then too, I could have easily been on 4.2 instead of 4.7. Sarah landed a sweet kono and some other really good moves. I crashed loads, did a couple of good moves too, but not enough to beat her. So I ended up 2nd one more time!
I'd like to win an event one day of course - that's why we're all here right? - but I'm always happy if I'm in the final. And I came very close to winning a few times now... I'm improving and one day I'll get it! Big congrats to Sarah for her 1st place and her amazing sailing - you're such an inspiration! - Yoli for 3rd and Xenia for 4th, and also to Steven who finished 1st in the men's elimination, Gollito 2nd, Kiri 3rd and Tonky 4th. Let's see what tomorrow brings, it looks like we'll get some strong wind and a double elimination done.

All pics ©John Carter / PWA. Check for more photos, videos and live action!

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