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Fanatic and North photo shoot
Egyptian outback
I think my cat Fredo wants to do some travelling too...

I have just spent a few amazing weeks in Dahab. After a bit of a slow start the wind kicked in properly and pretty much didn't stop until the end. We made the most out of it, heading out for early sessions every day and getting lots of quality and uncrowded time on the water. I trained hard, getting pushed by all the local rippers, and learnt a lot.

Beside all the great windsurfing, it was really good to spend time and share special moments with my friends there. The people there make what Dahab is to me, a special place where I always feel like at home and get looked after.

So much happen over those few weeks. A few of many highlights were for a start having my little brother and sister with me for a week; then the trip to a secret and very remote spot with some local friends - one of the most peaceful and amazing place I have seen (don't bother trying to find it, only Bedouin people can get there); all the early morning sessions with no one out beside a few of us and perfect windsurfing; all the amazing Egyptian and Bedouin meals, hiding behind the sail rack or sitting around the fire; the Dahab Festival was awesome too- the freestyle contest and tow in session were run really well and heaps of fun!; the North and Fanatic photo shoot, during which we got some awesome shots and definitely lots of laughs; and let's not forget the 958 cups of Egyptian tea with the crew at the Planet centre... A big thanks to everyone making all these moments happen.

It was hard to leave, but I will be back for more!

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