2nd place Fuerte PWA freestyle!


I made it! I finished 2nd in Fuerte. Which means I am 2nd overall in Freestyle this year! So happy. And I won the super session yesterday!!!

This season went so well, I enjoyed every moment of it. We had new events -and more of them- in amazing places. I managed to put together some really good heats and sailed every single freestyle final of this season. And as usual it's been so much fun hanging around with all the guys and girls on tour! I'm pretty sad that this was the last freestyle event for us girls this year, really gonna miss everyone. Bring on 2012!

The event was really well organised. Lots of stuff happening on the beach, a good crowd watching the action, and enough wind to compete every day. We ran a single and double elimination which finished on Tuesday. I sailed against Sarah-Quita both times in the final. They weren't my best heats but she sailed amazing, landing some really sick moves. Big up to Sarah-Quita for her 4th world title and thanks for being such an inspiration and motivation! I will be working hard on new moves for next year, that's for sure.

With a whole day to go still, the PWA crew decided to run a super session on Wednesday. Quite a lot of riders signed up for it. The format was really good, perfect to entertain the crowd on the beach and to make it a fun afternoon on the water. We all had 3 gos per heat to show the best moves. A boat anchored outside was sending us in towards the beach one after the other and we had to go for a move in between 4 buoys, right there close to the beach. I think the public loved it as well as the riders. I landed a pretty fast one handed grubby cana brava and won the girls super session!!! So happy.

You can see lots of sick pictures and videos of everyone on www.pwaworldtour.com.

I have a lot of people to thank for their support. Thanks to all of them I just had my best season and best time on tour ever: my family, friends, sponsors... The list is long. Thanks to all of you for believing in me and supporting me like you do.

Someone who deserves a big mention for his great help is Dr Aly Sabri. We worked hard together during the months before the competition season. Thanks to him and his coaching I went into events as ready as I could be, both mentally and physically. I finally managed to sail heats like I wanted to and to my full potential. The training we did was so interesting and I learnt so much, much more than I thought I could in such a short time. And I can't wait to start training again! Check out his website to know more about him and his work: www.dr-sabri.de

I'm now back in Tenerife for a few days. Looks like we'll get some strong wind and waves this weekend, can't wait. The OTC crew is looking after us like kings as usual - legends.

Again thanks to everyone!

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