It heals the soul...


Away from the crowded spots...
The boat trip up to that place

It's what that old Bedouin guy told me about that place... And I couldn't agree more.

The sea and the desert. The full moon freestyle sessions. Cruise along, look up and see shooting stars. Rays, turtles and dolphins joining in.

We've been very privileged to get these amazing days in a little lost corner of the world, and we'll definitely remember them for a very long time.

It wasn't easy to get back to "reality", but then Dahab isn't a bad place for that and the transition was smooth enough. We ended up the trip with some really good days on the water and quality time with good mates.

Miss you all already, thanks for such great moments!

Here a mix of pictures from that trip and from Dahab. Thanks little bro for all the photos!

Getting ready for night session
Kuba enjoying


Front Cover Windsurfer International Magazine


Got the front cover of Windsurfer International Magazine!

Check out the latest issue, it's packed with stories and amazing photos:

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And more fun days in Dahab


After a couple of days break, the wind is back and we've had some fun sessions out there.

Awesome to sail with everyone, training hard and learning new moves. Getting some good footage too, will put together a video clip once we're back and less busy windsurfing...

Thanks Jérôme for the pics!!!


Happy days


Salama making tea

Just got back from a little trip up the coast, far from everything. Although it's not such a secret spot anymore, it is still a very special place and I believe - hope would be a better word for it - that it will remain like this for the many years to come. Luckily it is pretty remote and going there is a mission, which is why I think it will stay unspoilt for a long time...

We slept under the stars, scored a perfect day of windsurfing, got looked after and fed amazing meals by the Bedouins.


Pics ©Jérôme Treboux.



Dahab - so good to be back, as always


Yep, in Dahab once again! It's just too good a place not to come back.

We've been here two days, sailed all day both days, and today looks like another good one. Perfect training.

Dahab is more than just great windsurfing though. The local people, so many good friends and the atmosphere here all make it a special place. It's going to be a great trip again that's for sure...

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