Happy 2012


Thanks Emma for this sequence!
pic ©Emma Severne
pic ©Emma Severne

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas and good start of 2012.

I can't believe another year has passed. It's been an amazing one. Thanks to everyone who's been a part of it.

Christmas time in WA has been good. It would have been even better had our families been here - missed you all very much - but we made the most out of it: good mates, road trips, waves and wind.

In fact there has been a lot happening since my last update. We did a few runs up and down the coast and got some good wave sailing. There's been some big enough swell for Sunset to work and Coro's to be fun in Geraldton. We drove up and got there late one day. Good waves were coming in at Sunset but it was raining, light and onshore. We had raced up there to manage to fit a session that day, so we just sat and sulked for a bit, slightly disappointed. Within a few minutes though the sky cleared up, the wind switched to cross shore and the waves cleaned up. It was unexpected and heaps of fun and we sailed until dark. The next days in Coro's were awesome. I sailed for hours every day. A bit of freestyle to start the day, then wave sailing until my arms didn't work anymore.

Lancelin has been good too, we did quite a few day trips up there. We scored South Passage pretty much as good as it gets quite a few times.

In between those trips I freestyled around Perth. We got quite a few windy days here too.

Then Christmas time arrived. It was a nice chilled one at home and around, with mates and BBQ's, then off to the South Coast! We spent last week down there and it was amazing. I just love that place. We got looked after once again by the McCarthy-Price family - thanks heaps guys, you're all legends - and surfed and sailed every day.

The photo sequence above was taken by Emma Severne, thanks chick!!!

after sailing beer
Si getting some air time
Ben's little air
The Pricey's beast
Flash floods on the way back

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