Dahab - Soma Bay - Switzerland


I just got back to Switzerland after over a month in Egypt. It's been great. I spent 3 weeks in Dahab windsurfing on 4.0 every day and getting lots of training in, then went over to Soma Bay for the North and Fanatic photo shoot. The whole trip has been great. It's difficult to explain it all as so much happens all the time, but basically the windsurfing's been epic, I met some amazing people and caught up with lots of good friends.
The only down side in all this is how hard it is to always have to leave these friends. You get to spend such good moments and before you know it's time to move to the next place. Not easy, but definitely worth it!

I have now been in Switzerland for less than 24 hours and already scored a good sail on 4.5. We went up to a spot nearby and everyone was there! It's always so nice to sail at home. Hopefully it's the start of a windy season and there will be loads more good days. It was a bit cold with northerly wind, but luckily I had my ION 5.5mm to keep me warm. I just wasn't quite sure if my hands were still there though, couldn't feel them the whole time.

Ah and I got the cover of Windsurfing Journal year book.

Dan cruising on the heli pad
Fun even without wind
Swiss powa
Vic and I after a good sail
Front cover of Windsurfing Journal's year book

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