Pozo madness


We've just had a mad week in Pozo. The first PWA wave event of the year, the "Wind and Waves Festival 2012", was a massive success. The wind was stronger than I've ever seen it so the action was simply insane, and the event was well put together, with lots of windsurfing promotion going on (like the 400 kids who came over form different schools to discover windsurfing) and side activities, music, etc.

Daida and Iballa Moreno did a great job with organizing it, big up to you two girls!

The comp started pretty well for me, with a 4th place in the single elimination. The conditions were hard core though - I couldn't hold onto my 3.0, apparently it was gusting over 60 knots - and I was struggling to show what I can do. In the double elimination I lost against Steffi Wahl and ended up 5th.

I'd like to say that all the girls out there showed some skills and bravery, and I'm just happy I came back in one piece. Unfortunately, not everyone was as lucky. Olya had a really bad crash and hurt her knee, and Justyna wrecked her foot right before the event. Wishing you both a full and fast recovery, wanna see you on the water soon again!

Although I got a bit frustrated with my sailing, the usual mad jumping show was on and it was great to watch some of the riders absolutely going off out there. If you haven't seen it, make sure you go on the PWA website and check out the videos, I guarantee you won't waste your time!

I'm back in Tenerife now. We've had a couple of super fun days and late sessions. Just loving not being totally out of control! The next PWA event is starting on Thursday and looking at the forecast there's definitely going to be swell and wind. And all the action will be again showing live on the PWA website!

Pictures ©PWA / John Carter.

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