FREEKin' amazing


Even when you experience one of the best summers ever, swell-wise, you always get a few flat days in between. That's when I'm glad I'm into freestyle as well. There's always some fun to be had.

I might be getting a bit old for it (or at least that's how it feels sometimes watching all the upcoming youngsters killing it), but in the end you're only as old as you feel right?

And it's all been feeling pretty fresh out there recently with my new sails I'm telling you.

I've been using my new FREEK's, Severne's pure freestyle sails. The 4.4 is the one I sail with most as it planes super early and stays comfortable even when I'm stacked.

Besides its huge wind range, the FREEK is so incredibly balanced and easy to duck, I've been surprising myself learning and nailing new stuff I didn't expect. I can try a lot more moves as the ducking is easier, and the sail has got a really good lift, which helps getting more height even in lighter winds.

Fanatic Skate, FREEK and a sick new MB Fin, and there's no excuse for not stepping it up big time now!

Si took these shots this morning during a light easterly session. We were expecting it to be a good one but never mind. It's over 40° every day here at the moment so any time in the water is welcome.

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